Why Marketers Need To Have More Purpose


I started my agency career by working on McDonald’s when it had a great quality perception.

But I wanted to work on Packaged Goods. That’s where the game was in those days. Much like working on technology and gaming and the sexy sectors today.

My goal lead me to working on brands like Kellogg’s, Warner Lambert, Mithum Thayer, S.C. Johnson, Canadian Divisions of Campbell’s Soup and others that I can’t remember.

I really didn’t enjoy it often as I didn’t go to their schools, wear their Brooks Brothers suits or have their same homogenous haircuts or their MBA lingo.

But what’s a poor boy going to do?

I loved the Analytics, the knowledge, the fact based decision making based on all the research that was conducted. I loved the discovery of research. Continue reading

What I Have Learned By Going to Conferences.


One of my goals this year was to go to more Conferences. It was the concept of, If you want to be a big fish act like a big fish. I mentioned it in a blog called How Agencies Can Move Up the Food Chain.

Now I put a lot of skin in the game making this decision because I have to personally pay for all the expenses. I did get a free pass to one of the Conferences but I also had the brutal shock of a hotel bill in NYC.

I attended two conferences this week. One was a Branding Conference in New York and the other one was Interactive Day in San Diego which is certainly closer to home.

The Branding Conference certainly had a lot of heavy hitters on the panels and attending. There were representatives from major brands in financial services, consumer products, and a myriad of other industries. The companies that are on the NYSE. You know the type. The speakers worked at all the big places with all the impressive titles. Some of them remain firmly entrenched in the Old Normal. Continue reading

Is Marketing Dead?


It’s all about the money these days. The almighty Yankee Dollar.

I read an article the other day in Advertising Age online that P&G plans to cut $500 Million in Agency Fees by shrinking its roster of agencies. Kind of like reporting on a funeral.

Their CFO said that the move will improve the company’s Marketing as it cuts costs.

I don’t think that adds up to Marketing Math but it does satisfy Wall Street.

In addition the company planned to reduce its non-manufacturing headcount by 25% to 30% by the end of the next fiscal year.

Non-manufacturing sounds like marketing folks to me.

Wait there is more. In addition P&G is plans to sell, spin off or merge 100 Brands.

Is that the P&G that I knew and admired? The marketing icon. Continue reading

Career Tips for 2015


Yes a New Year is upon us. Happened faster than we thought. What else is new?

I think that there will be a lot of changes in the workplace in the coming year. There will be a shortage of talent especially top notch digital talent. Today, Digital Marketers, Digital Strategy folks, SEO talent, and programmers are all very hard to find.

If you don’t have those skills acquire as much game as you can learn.

More people will be moving around this year than ever before. Some companies will portray them as opportunists. Remember companies killed company loyalty, not employees.

So here are some career tips for the coming year. Continue reading

Learning the 5P’s of Marketing in Buenos Aires



I remember studying Marketing in College. It was all about the 5 P’s. Not sure if they teach the 5 P’s any more. I still keep studying though and I have learned a lot about marketing in Buenos Aires and my Spanish is worse than rudimentary.

I learned about pricing on my first trip ten years ago. Prices were very affordable because Argentina had taken a devaluation haircut in 2001. America took its haircut during the Great Recession. Many people still have a buzz cut.

IMG_3717We sat outside a well know Café called La Biela. It was founded in 1850. The well-dressed waiter in a uniform right out of Les Deux Magots hands me a menu and the first thing I notice is that there are two rows of prices. There appears to be a premium for sitting outside. Continue reading

Kissing Digital Frogs in the New Normal.


These are great days for talented digital folks. Most companies want successful lead gen campaigns as they continue to allocate more dollars to the wonderful world of digital. Unfortunately they are spending less overall.

When I try to recruit programmers I can find plenty but they are all working and not looking for new opportunities unless you want to pay them Harvard MBA salaries.

Check out a video called Talented People Are Hard to Find.

Continue reading