Is Marketing Dead?


It’s all about the money these days. The almighty Yankee Dollar.

I read an article the other day in Advertising Age online that P&G plans to cut $500 Million in Agency Fees by shrinking its roster of agencies. Kind of like reporting on a funeral.

Their CFO said that the move will improve the company’s Marketing as it cuts costs.

I don’t think that adds up to Marketing Math but it does satisfy Wall Street.

In addition the company planned to reduce its non-manufacturing headcount by 25% to 30% by the end of the next fiscal year.

Non-manufacturing sounds like marketing folks to me.

Wait there is more. In addition P&G is plans to sell, spin off or merge 100 Brands.

Is that the P&G that I knew and admired? The marketing icon. Continue reading

How Agencies Can Move Up the Food Chain?


Things have rapidly improved for most advertising agencies especially if they have a strong digital game or are a digital firm. You no longer have to chase every sniff of potential income.  Thank God.

With these improvements have come the discovery or confirmation of one of advertising’s greatest operating tenets. It costs almost as much to service a smaller account as a larger one. And since many clients with smaller budgets aren’t really the best marketers, you get other headaches.

They often don’t really understand all the pieces and stages of the digital process so there are too many revisions and changes etc. You get the drift. You have lived this before and remember the frustrations.

So how do you catch bigger fish? Well you have to go where they go to start and this is Conferences. Continue reading

What Do You Do?


What do you do? Good question. I was at the PRSA Western District Conference in LA recently.

Very few Advertising folks go to PR events. That is why I go.

There was an evening networking event and somebody asked me what I did? It stopped me for a while.

I don’t know why. I know what I do. Sort of anyway.

I always have my business cards in my back pockets. Both of them.

A lot of people would say I am a networker.

I always hand out my cards showing the back first. It says BLANK in large letters. Most people like that.

Always gets the conversation started. The smiles and the chuckles. That’s why it’s there. I’ve never changed the back. I have changed my job descriptions on the front over the decade I have been in business. Continue reading

The Biggest Mistake Social Media Made.


They gave it to Mikey.

I got a call one day on my phone at my office when I worked at JWT Chicago. It was in the Hancock building on 875 North Michigan Avenue. The call was on the phone on my desk. That is how we communicated in those days. It came from a friend. It was a big building. A 100 story building that gave me a hundred stories for sure. I worked on the 27th floor and could see Lake Michigan.

I never realized the call would connect me to the future.

It was in the mid 80’s. Where you born then? Continue reading