News From the New Normal: #2


In case you missed it the New Normal was created by a unique convergence. Like many changes do. The first iPhone was launched on June 29th, 2007, Lehman Brothers collapsed on September 15th, 2008 as social media platforms became mainstream. The big bang happened and the world changed forever.

I got a LinkedIn invite from somebody I didn’t know the other day. I get a fair number of those and like connecting. She had worked for a large company in OC. You have all heard of them. Publically traded. She had a great title and experience so I readily accepted.

I followed up with a note saying how did we connect? Was it a blog or did I reach out? I try to follow up on LinkedIn invites.  What do you do?

She said that she was part of a large lay-off at her company.

She said that she got my name from her husband. It was a name I did not recognize. He had heard of me from a friend. That’s the way that word of mouth works today if you use the tools of the New Normal. Easy to connect but often harder to produce results.

I looked up her husband on LinkedIn. His summary said, “Looking for the Next Great Opportunity.” Indeed. Oh it is the Holiday season. But that also means year end results for some companies.

I was looking at LinkedIn Jobs today and saw that her former company was looking to fill a number of new positions. I see that all the time in the New Normal. Companies that fire people turn right around and try to hire people. Or Maybe.

I often connect with the people that post positions. Are you still looking for that position I ask? No we are just gathering resumes. Is that like bringing the hay into the barn before it rains? Resumes are commodities in the New Normal and not often associated with lives. Hey I am just doing my job they would say.

I got an email the other day from somebody in the same national networking marketing group that I belong to. They were helping out a friend they thought but that person lived in the Old Normal when hiring wasn’t like going through the eye of the needle.

They had attached a resume for somebody that was in TV production and wanted to get into PR / Ad Game. The email said if you are looking for somebody in traditional media here is your guy. What are the chances of that strategy leading to success?

I often get emails from people in the advertising game who are frustrated by where they are and are looking for change. I am open to positions on the client side they say. In the New Normal clients aren’t open.

Conversely I get emails from people on the client side who say that they are open to positions on the agency side. Slight chance that will happen but slim. Only if the agency can merchandise you in some way.

You see if they hired you they would have to bring you to a meeting where they would have to introduce you to the client and say here is your new Account Director. The client will ask so what agency did you work at before? None. The smiles get more subdued. The lunch less fun. The follow up calls and questions more intense.

That’s my news from the New Normal. What’s happening in your world?

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