News From the New Normal: #1


In case you missed it the New Normal came from Convergence.  Like many changes do. The first iPhone was launched on June 29th, 2007, Lehman Brothers collapsed on September 15th, 2008 and then social media platforms became mainstream. Convergence indeed.

The world changed forever.

Don’t believe it. Ask your kids if they would prefer to have a job or start their own business?

I started my week with my 80 pound eighteen month old lab Argo having a sore paw. Too many hundred bucks later he was on the mending track but with some pain.

The next day I called the Vet and said Argo was still hurting. He said that he would call in a script to CVS. This kind of surprised me but I went with the flow. I went to CVS and picked up a bottle of pain pills for Argo Blank for $11.99. I didn’t need to show any ID for Argo and put in his date of birth. Argo doesn’t have healthcare coverage or any pet insurance.

I wondered why getting Healthcare coverage for people was so difficult and why I paid more for my scripts even with insurance.

A day later I got an e mail from a friend. It was written very late at night.

The mass email informed many friends and supporters that as of 5pm that day her company had budget cuts and no longer had a marketing department and she no longer had a job. In the New Normal change can come on any day of the week.

This week I also got an email from another friend. We connected again when I spoke at Product Camp in OC last week. She was referring me to somebody she knew for a position I wanted to fill. She had met this person a couple of weeks ago when she had an interview with his company. He was part of a five person interview. A week later he got downsized.

I attended a Marketing Conference put on by Rhythm Interactive this week. Great way to cultivate New Business for agencies I thought.

I saw some presentations from the CEO of the OC Register that few people seemed to care about and some by a Marketer from GoPro that many people seemed to care a lot about. I think we are all inclined to gravitate toward today’s new toys.

It was a day of presentations and many ideas but I came away with one light bulb moment of the day. Marketing today is All about Publishing.

What they didn’t say is that in the New Normal that applies equally to people. You need to be constantly publishing to make you look smart to employees and prospects because this is the New Normal with all its bumps and bruises. In Academics it used to be Publish or Perish but that applies to all today.

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