How the Great Recession Still Lingers in Today’s Workplace


Yes the fear is still there even if you are working with your decimal point salary increases since that time. Today many young people will trade money for place but that doesn’t mean your company’s self-promotion about being the best company to work for in your town.

False best places to work are ubiquitous. The truth is less often found.

The Great Recession impacted salaries for sure. My eyes get wide when I am recruiting for companies. I got a job spec for a major agency global account lead and the salary was less than I made 15 years ago when I wasn’t a global agency lead.

I would have loved the perks and the miles. Continue reading


The Perfect Resume for the New Normal.


The perfect resume came to me the other day. It was for an Advertising position. Client side. Career track. Great spot but very corporate.

I knew it would scare my client even before I sent it.

I have a huge reservoir of being scared.

I have worked with agencies in tall buildings, in big cities, with multiple floors of creative people.

That kind of talent delivered some great game and scared me a lot because I had to sell it.

My brain said the client will never buy it. My instinct said I want them to buy it.

I just learned how to turn my fear into selling the idea. My job was to find alignment. That’s the job of an AE. You have to get clients to buy into the future.

New ideas always scare people and so they should. Continue reading

Can I Work Remotely?


I don’t work remotely.

I work from my office in my house or on my IPad or my IPhone.

That’s because I don’t have a job. My job is me. It doesn’t matter where I am.

I learned about location when I was a puppy in Canada. Marshall McLuhan predicted a global village and he was right. He studied medieval history.

If you don’t believe the world is a global village watch how Wall Street reacts to financial issues on the other side of the world. It will impact your 401K no matter where you are. Continue reading

I Am Here For You.


I saw a recruiter on a panel once tell the audience that the biggest reason that people leave companies is their immediate boss.

It doesn’t matter how great the company is.

In a way your immediate boss is your employer

I know a number of people in sales.

They tell me their stories.

They have goals. When the meet them they get higher goals.

Then you and your immediate boss get together for a little high five and rah rah session.

What’s your stretch goal they ask? Continue reading

News From the New Normal: #2


In case you missed it the New Normal was created by a unique convergence. Like many changes do. The first iPhone was launched on June 29th, 2007, Lehman Brothers collapsed on September 15th, 2008 as social media platforms became mainstream. The big bang happened and the world changed forever.

I got a LinkedIn invite from somebody I didn’t know the other day. I get a fair number of those and like connecting. She had worked for a large company in OC. You have all heard of them. Publically traded. She had a great title and experience so I readily accepted.

I followed up with a note saying how did we connect? Was it a blog or did I reach out? I try to follow up on LinkedIn invites.  What do you do?

She said that she was part of a large lay-off at her company. Continue reading

News From the New Normal: #1


In case you missed it the New Normal came from Convergence.  Like many changes do. The first iPhone was launched on June 29th, 2007, Lehman Brothers collapsed on September 15th, 2008 and then social media platforms became mainstream. Convergence indeed.

The world changed forever.

Don’t believe it. Ask your kids if they would prefer to have a job or start their own business? Continue reading

It’s Not About Leading. It’s About Treating in the New Normal.


It is very easy to read articles about leadership today.

They abound on LinkedIn and other sources of content.

Here are the attributes of a great leader yada yada. Look at these rich people mostly guys that are great people at great companies where everybody loves them.

But in real and not hyped up life how many leaders do you emulate?

Politicians? Certainly not.

Titans of Wall Street working at Financial Institutions? The companies that government bailed out with ordinary people’s money only to find that their lines of credit were cut if they were small businesses or their mortgage requests were denied if they were trying to buy a house. Continue reading