Why The Career World is Flat in the New Normal


I remember being in elementary school in downtown Toronto and my teachers would do a history lesson about how many people in the Middle Ages or before thought the world was flat.

Many countries believed that their navy could fall off the end of the world.

How could that be? There were Portuguese students in my class.

I didn’t think it seemed feasible at the time. Where would they go I thought?

I got an email the other day from somebody who had read one of my blogs.

She shared that she had moved to my hood from somewhere else to take a new job. Then she also shared that her employer just told her that her job was eliminated. She had only worked there for a couple of months.

Her job just sailed off the edge of the world.

It’s just the start of the New Year but the stories are the same as in the past but not to the same degree. However if you have just lost your job it is really doesn’t matter what year it is or where the economy is.

A couple of days later I got an email from somebody that worked at an agency. Hey we just lost an account and we had some job cuts and I got caught up in the blender. Know anything out there?

A couple of days later I got an email asking me if I could connect them with an HR person I was connected with on LinkedIn. A LinkedIn connection is unfortunately not a personal relationship.

Are you looking for a new opportunity I asked?

Yes I am they responded. Can you help? Short words that say so much.

We are in the New Normal fast and true. It started when the world melted during the recession. It changed how careers work in a world that is flat and you can sail off the edge of the earth at any time.

The only way you don’t lose your game is if you create your own game. It is the New Normal after all and you have more control over your life than you will ever have with an employer.

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