The Hardest Transition For People in Transition to Make.


Yes there are still people in transition but the press doesn’t write about them much anymore.

If you live in the New Normal you know the truth.

When people get launched into the world of not having a job there is often pain, disappointment, surprise, anger and the idea of changing what they do.

The only thing that matters is your own self-determination. The rest is noise but it is difficult to get clarity and silence when you are in such a spot.

When people lose their jobs, half of them are surprised because they weren’t looking.

The other half knew the train was a coming and were thinking of what else they would want to do if the penny dropped.

When it happens they announce their plans to the world.

Their first reaction is to try to escape their current working environment and transition to other companies where they have no experience and the chances are slim.

I get their emails. I have a lot of experience in technology but want to move to consumer packaged goods.

Quite the stretch for hiring managers and HR people today. They’re looking for clones of the people that fit their organization.

The industry most people want to move to are likely to be those categories that they have a personal passion for but no experience. The chances are slim and slimmer.

That’s a passion probably best served by not trying to get a job but by creating your own job in that industry. A much higher probability for success today. But that is a road they have not been on until they take the first step.

When people in the advertising industry get jettisoned, many want to move to the client side. They think it will provide more control in their work and lives but it won’t.

I also get emails from clients that say I spent my life on the client side and would be interested in going to the agency side to round out my career.

Could happen but why would you want that to happen?

The irony of today’s world is that we live in a world that is changing rapidly but the majority of companies want to play it safe.

In the end, the hardest transition for people in transition to make is to embrace high probability opportunities and not dreams.

In the New Normal you only get to live dreams if you work for yourself or find a four leaf clover.

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