Why Agencies Don’t Have A Clue About New Business.


Successful agencies that I’ve met, and I’ve met many all over the country, really know how to get New Business.

They are focused and determined so nothing will get in their way.

Just like a Marathon runner, they know that you have to focus on your investment of time and the finish line which can seem many foot steps away.

I get emails from strangers at agencies all the time.

They tell me they would appreciate it if I could refer them to any of my contacts who might be looking for marketing and advertising help.

Let me stop what I am doing to make money in my life.

After all I have just known you for a minute.

Not going to happen.

Many agencies feel comfortable to continue low probability hunting. It’s what they know. A success or two will lead them to embrace a strategy that is wrong for them.

So much of New Business is a waste a time in all sectors.

Just like the LinkedIn emails I get from across the world saying they are a manufacturer of textiles in India.

I get emails from other folks who are probably consultants who tell me that they would like to get connected with a New Business Development Rainmaker who is looking for somebody like them.


I live in Southern California where it doesn’t rain here very much, although I would love it too. When I read the word Rainmaker I know it comes from somebody in a desert.

I got another email from a stranger the other day. They wanted me to contact them regarding interactive and video content materials my clients would need. They would love to have a conversation with me regarding my clients’ needs.

Talk about lack of targeting. I have 90 videos on YouTube.

When people like that approach me at networking events I just tell them I have no clients.

It reminds me of the faxes I get everyday from stranger companies saying I could go to various Caribbean locations for 5 days and 4 nights with all meals included for only $99 per person. I thought that type of faxing wasn’t legit?

You see in the New Normal, New Business is about targeting high opportunity prospects and not just throwing stuff against the wall… But the latter is a lot easier, even though it’s hardly productive.

Today, many agencies and marketers are more comfortable in the past.

I left that world long ago.

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