How to On Board a New Agency.


Or a new client.

It’s all the same from both sides. It’s about liking each other, trusting, dependability, availability, watching backs, and responsiveness.

You can’t get that without establishing a strong relationship.

That is the end result that you both want.

Correct on boarding is key to great outcomes.

I have done many reviews for many clients.

When I complete reviews I tell clients that I am a bad guy and they are the good guy. That they should call the winning agency instead of me.

I make the hard calls to the agencies that didn’t win. They always want to know what they did wrong which is very difficult to answer. Closing between good agencies is often a nuanced decision. Eliminating a weak agency is simple.

The future relationship is with the new client and not me. There is no other greater feeling at an agency than when a new client calls you and says you have won the business. It builds excitement and invigorates the agency. There will be many arm raised high fives.

I also believe there’s a better way today and if the agency you selected is nearby visit them in person. Better yet surprise them. A celebration in person is always better than an email or a call.

When you arrive ask the receptionist that you would like to see the Principals.

They will look confused but make the call.

Then the smiles start when they come out.

We want to work with you the client says.

People come out and the hugs start.

That’s the best way to start a client agency relationship. That’s the way to instill passion in your new relationship.

If you get your agency energized they will give you more in the end.

Also, if you have company chotskies such as company T Shirts, hats or other items bring them along. If your product is portable bring some of that as well. Hopefully it is a beer client.

If you’re an agency you should reciprocate with your promotional items as the more people that you touch on the client side the better it will be for you. Makes sure it gets to the Accounts Payable person.

If you’re the agency make sure that your senior people are there when your present your first estimate to take the temperature of the room.  Don’t leave that first meeting to just a junior person to handle.

Building relationships takes effort in life and in business. If you build a solid relationship with your client you will make more money in the end.

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