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  1. I just read your recent article about video resumes.  Your article was very thorough.

    There is one aspect of the use of video resumes that you did not cover and that was the use of a video resume in the employment networking process. 

    Job coaches tell us that there is a 75% probabiltiy that our next jobs will come from employment networking and not newspaper ads or internet job sites.  When I was unemployed, networking used to scare me to death.  Not with just my friends but with my friends’ friends.  There is just a lot to accomplish within a brief face-to-face meeting with someone who knows very little about you, and you trying to gain his advice and recommendations.

    That is why I developed a new web service to help the unemployed, job-changers, and college graduates through the networking jungle.  Our site is http://www.SharpCandidate.com launched this month.  Take a look at it and give me your thoughts.  Employment networking may be the salvation to the video resume.

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