The Biggest Mistake Social Media Made.


They gave it to Mikey.

I got a call one day on my phone at my office when I worked at JWT Chicago. It was in the Hancock building on 875 North Michigan Avenue. The call was on the phone on my desk. That is how we communicated in those days. It came from a friend. It was a big building. A 100 story building that gave me a hundred stories for sure. I worked on the 27th floor and could see Lake Michigan.

I never realized the call would connect me to the future.

It was in the mid 80’s. Where you born then? Continue reading


Is It Time for a Digital Detox?


I was listening to a news story on my CBC app on my Apple Smart Phone when I was working out at 24 Hour Fitness. I looked out at the Pacific Ocean. It was as tranquil as serenity. I was surrounded by music playing to people wearing ear buds and TV monitors screaming silent.

My CBC news story was about a digital detoxing.

The difficulty of disconnecting from our appliances and the constant content overload. Continue reading

The Irony Of New Business In the New Normal.


Yes we all live in the New Normal. The starting date was September 15th 2008 when Lehman Brothers went down. The largest bankruptcy filing in the U.S. as Lehman had a value of 600 billion.

I am not that good at Math but if you multiplied the 17 Million people that lost their jobs in the great recession by their average salary would you get 500 or 600 Billion? Probably close.

Everything stopped and changed around the world.

If you are 4 or 65 your life has been changed by this event. Continue reading

I Heard The News today that the Internet is 25 Years Old.


I got one of my numerous emails today. The article said that the Internet was 25 years old this month.

We have all seen the stats. There are trazillions of emails sent every day, a billion people on Facebook, billions of searches daily.  I have a PowerPoint of my own stats. It’s on Slideshare. You get the plot.

I have seen  great change many times.  I have always worked in the ad game which often pulls the rug out from underneath your feet. Marketing is all about changing behavior. Continue reading

What Young People Should Do The First Time They Get Fired.


I got a call tonight from somebody who was let go yesterday by her company.

She was very articulate, well-educated and in the ad game.  It is an industry where the adrenaline runs high but job security runs on empty.

Her voice still had the crackle of youth.  Anyone with a daughter knows the wonder and the vulnerability of a young voice.

Yes getting fired is the future.  We are all contractors increasingly completing with robots and automation, out sourcing and other ways to eliminate labor costs.  As Leonard Cohen said I have seen the Future and it is murder.  He is still working today. Continue reading

Does Cold Calling Work for Advertising Agencies?


I was having lunch with a client friend the other day.  He bought.  He works for a well-known National company.  The talk turned to advertising agencies as it often does.  He had been at his position for almost a year.  I played a small role in helping him get his current job. An introduction was all that it was and then his merits and experience landed him the gig.

Like most clients he is overtasked.  Lots to do with the often challenging resources of the New Normal.

He shared a story about all the people that called him when he got the job.  People that he never heard from when he was looking for a job.  He said he doesn’t even return their calls.  Yes insincerity is a thin veneer in the New Normal.

I’ve had many people think of me when they were looking for work because of my network.  Once they landed I went into the forgotten or too busy pile. No worries.  Those people come and go in life.

He asked me if every agency these days has a New Business person.  He said he was overwhelmed with calls from agencies constantly.  He message on his voice mail says that the best way to reach me is by e mail yet agencies left voice mails for him.  “I hate voice mails,” is what he said.

He shared that these cold calls and unsolicited e mails have become more creative and somewhat more desperate.  Click on this link and watch this video and we will tell you in 60 seconds why we would be perfect for you.

What some agencies don’t understand that clients today are trying to implement the highest return projects most efficiently. They don’t want to talk to agencies with solutions looking for problems that don’t align.  Like two ships passing through the night. Yet agencies call away.

Oh sure sometimes an agency will actually talk to a prospect and get some work.  Just like somebody will get a job off Monster or a job posted on a website but these are rare.  Most clients aren’t sitting around in offices with tidy desks with nothing to do that day but answer the phone.

I am helping an agency find some people to help grow.  They are successful.  They are expanding.  They don’t use New Business people.  No frisky puppies for them.  Instead they hire senior people in strategy, creative and account service and entrust them with agency growth.  You do that by knowing the business and talking client challenges and building relationships.  It is about alignment not misguided selling.

In the depths of the great recession and yes it was a deep crevice I wrote an article called why I Network with People in Transition.  It shared some stories on how I was able to develop business not by chasing people but by helping people.  How many agencies include helping marketing people in transition as part of their new business plan?  I wonder what would pay more dividends in the end.  Random phone calls or helping a person with a great track record that is bound to land?  You make the call.

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