I Heard The News today that the Internet is 25 Years Old.


I got one of my numerous emails today. The article said that the Internet was 25 years old this month.

We have all seen the stats. There are trazillions of emails sent every day, a billion people on Facebook, billions of searches daily.  I have a PowerPoint of my own stats. It’s on Slideshare. You get the plot.

I have seen  great change many times.  I have always worked in the ad game which often pulls the rug out from underneath your feet. Marketing is all about changing behavior. Continue reading


It’s Not About Who You Know. It’s About Who Knows You.


I was having dim sum the other day with Debbie Moysychyn a consummate networker.  Debbie shared one of her networking truism that resonated with me.  She said, “It is Not About Who You Know. It’s Who Knows You.”

I let that sink in while I was having a bite of Har Gau.  The first thought that popped into my mind was the expression reinforced the importance of networking with people in person or face to face.

Although I believe that today your first impression is largely created by your Google presence, for people to truly know you they have to have met you live. It’s the same thing with music.  You create the strongest relationship with the music by going to concerts.

You definitely need to own Google by using social media but you also need a strong personal networking plan so you are meeting lots of people.  Face time and not Facebook leads to relationships. Linkedin doesn’t talk and walk and have accents to react to like real people do.

The optimum payoff of my blogging efforts is when I meet somebody in person that shares that they have read my blog. That is a lock and load of social and personal networking,

Although I am not certain, most likely that occurs because I post my blogs on Linkedin and my Linkedin groups.  I also attend live real time networking meetings that are offshoots of many of those Linkedin groups.  We swim in the same social circles prior to meeting.

So how do you make sure that other people know who you are?

In many ways, as we glacially emerge from the great recession word of mouth spreads quickly especially if you have the right reputation. The definition of that I will leave up to the reader to define.  Word of mouth can surprisingly break through the clutter of our over communicated society.  If you are doing it right you will encounter people who say, “I’ve heard of you.”

The expression “It’s not who you know but who knows you” also implies that you want people of influence and power knowing who you are.  The description of who people of influence means in the New Normal I will also leave up to you.

I know many more CEO’s, CMO’s and influential people than I ever knew prior to the great recession.  Why?  I never had their power, their money or their influence.  I met many of them when they were in transition.  Others I met when they were working but could see the train of transition coming down their track.  I didn’t have their influence but I had a bigger network.  You see Debbie was right.  It is not about you who know.  It is all about who knows you.

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Are You Ready to Get Fired?


As a Co Founder of Laguna Niguel Connectors and a person that has spoken to numerous transition groups throughout Southern California I am ecstatic that the employment outlook is getting better.

As a native in the New Normal I know that you have to be prepared for all scenarios in a rapidly changing world where a hick up like gas prices can put the brakes on hiring momentum when in the old normal they wouldn’t be linked. The New Normal is a world of sound bite news that lemmings follow. Continue reading

Networking Tips for People in Transition.


I have spoken on networking and personal branding to numerous networking groups frequented by people in transition including ExecuNet, CafeNet, Women Sage, Ken Tudhope ‘s Networking Group for CFO’s, and the Challenger Networking Group.  I am also one of the Founders of Laguna Niguel Connectors which has over 2800 members.  I relate to people in transition because as a consultant I am always perpetually employed in many ways.

Because of my network, companies sometimes use me for recruiting so I have talked and met with numerous job seekers.  I see a lot of good things and some things that scare me and make me ask why would a person do that or not do that?

So here are some tips for job hunters for 2012.  Finally the hiring momentum is moving in the right direction.  Make sure that you are ready to capitalize.

  • First, sharpen your tools.  Many times I see resumes with no e mails, I see no salutations on people’s emails, I get calls on my cell phone from blocked numbers so I cannot call the people back when I am driving.  All of these things make it harder to get in touch with people.  In this day and age of numerous candidates for every position you have to make yourself as sticky as possible and extremely easy to connect with.
  • Invest in yourself. When I hear the news comments about the hundreds of thousands of people who have stopped working I can’t help to wonder if some of those people just aren’t keeping themselves marketable. Is your business card stock the weight of toilet paper?  If your Linkedin photo looks like it was shot by an amateur you aren’t investing in yourself.  Who’s to blame if you aren’t staying current on trends, technology, social media and other hiring practices?
  • Drop any negative baggage.  It’s a weight. Don’t listen to your mind. Feed your mind. The smarter you become, the easier you will be to hire and the better your attitude will be.
  • Quit wasting your time.  Asking second degree connections on Linkedin to introduce you to somebody that they are connected with on the second or third degree is not a warm introduction.  It is futility in job hunting.  Networking isn’t connecting strangers to strangers.
  • Remember that in hiring there are two clocks.  There is the company hiring clock that moves very very slowly.  And then there is the hiring clock for people in transition.  They do not run at the same speed.  Not even close.  Quit driving yourself crazy by trying to align them.  Things will happen when they are meant to. You have no control over the schedule.
  • Who were the two or three most influential people you met last year?  Spend more time with them in the coming year.  Obviously they had an impact on you.  Try to stoke those fires by spending more time with them. They are as valuable as Connectors.
  • Think of Linkedin as Twitter and update your profile with substance four times a day.  Remember that your target audience is not your friends but your potential hiring manager.  Post accordingly.
  • If you have stopped networking you have stopped looking for a job.  Over 70% of jobs are found through referrals or associates.  You only need to meet one person to change your life. There is a good chance they won’t come to your house. What if they were at that networking event or Starbucks you blew off derailing your potential journey?  People create opportunities not Tweets.

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