News From the New Normal: #1


In case you missed it the New Normal came from Convergence.  Like many changes do. The first iPhone was launched on June 29th, 2007, Lehman Brothers collapsed on September 15th, 2008 and then social media platforms became mainstream. Convergence indeed.

The world changed forever.

Don’t believe it. Ask your kids if they would prefer to have a job or start their own business? Continue reading


You’ve Made Networking a Challenging Accomplishment


One of my great friends John Vrba commented on one of my LinkedIn postings.

John Vrba.  Four letters. Two Syllables.

John Vrba

John makes a lot out of a little.

John is 95 or maybe 94.

He wrote “You’ve made networking a challenging accomplishment!” Continue reading

It’s Not About Leading. It’s About Treating in the New Normal.


It is very easy to read articles about leadership today.

They abound on LinkedIn and other sources of content.

Here are the attributes of a great leader yada yada. Look at these rich people mostly guys that are great people at great companies where everybody loves them.

But in real and not hyped up life how many leaders do you emulate?

Politicians? Certainly not.

Titans of Wall Street working at Financial Institutions? The companies that government bailed out with ordinary people’s money only to find that their lines of credit were cut if they were small businesses or their mortgage requests were denied if they were trying to buy a house. Continue reading

The Best Companies to Work For in the New Normal


I had a nice Starbucks today with a new friend today with a great smile. She came to me through a great connector. She was looking for her new gig.

She used to have a job that she loved but she had reached the career ceiling at her former company. Not sure what that means in the New Normal. It was a Fortune 500 company. We have all heard of it. There is one right down my street. She had been there for years. But she wanted to try working in a different industry.

Smart career plan in the past but career plans are harder to follow in the New Normal. Continue reading

Can Your HR Department Find Today’s Best Digital Talent?


Maybe yes. Most likely no.

I often connect with HR people.

Some live in the Old Normal and some live in the New Normal.

When I see an HR person with less than 500 connections irony overcomes me.

How can people who are supposed to find today’s digital talent be unconnected from the digital world?

That’s an Oxymoron.

Ever wonder why recruiters have more LinkedIn connections than HR people?  Because they have more skin in the game in many ways. Continue reading

Do You Help Your Friends Who Have Been Fired?


I do because many people that I hardly know have given their friends to me.

You get a call or an e mail from a former co-worker or a friend.

“Hey buddy I just got let go.  No way. That sucks. You are great. You will find a job soon. They will miss you and be sorry soon that’s for sure.”

“Can you have a Starbucks with me?”

“I would love to but I have a convention or something else coming up but I have a guy you should connect with.” Continue reading