What Wins New Business?



The more you know the more often you will win.

Knowledge is not information. Knowledge is insight into client’s pains, knowledge about key decision makers, who controls the budget, what has failed in the past and other key nuggets that can control the outcome of the pitch.

The more you know the more it will show.

I know from my experience conducting agency searches for companies from Jenny Craig to Toyo Tires that slivers separate agencies in the end and knowledge can make the crucial difference that will get you the call that you want to receive.

Most agencies are very smart. The only area that most agencies aren’t smart about is how they market themselves. Continue reading


What I Have Learned By Talking to Clients.


I talk to a fair amount of clients. It’s fun. I have a large network and get connected to them when they have needs and pain points. I also connect with them when they are out of a job or when they have friends who are out of jobs.

When I conduct agency reviews we often share a car, a shuttle, an airport, a plane with them for over 12 hours a day for days and a fair amount of time on the phone. We arrive at the end in some central parking lot and I sometimes see the light on their cell phone brighten with a text from their boss.

“Will you bring any new ideas to the meeting at 8 in the morning?”  I feel their pain. Continue reading

What I Learn By Visiting Advertising Agencies.


I like speaking to AAF and AMA Chapters. I have spoken in Amarillo, Fort Worth, Louisville, Jackson MS, New Orleans, Great Falls, Duluth, Biloxi, Mobile, Norfolk, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Little Rock and other spots like Nashville, Louisville, Omaha, Lincoln, and Tucson to name a few.

Every time I travel to a town I have some down time. Most likely in the morning prior to presenting. I can do emails in my hotel room anytime but I can’t meet people in whatever town everyday. So I send out emails to ad agencies in those cities saying I am coming to town.

I have conducted agency searches for Jenny Craig, Jacuzzi, Villeroy & Boch, Toyo Tires and other companies and coming to your town I write. Have anytime for a coffee I ask? Continue reading

How Well Does Your Agency Handle Rejection?


New Business in the Agency game is a very tough road.  It is a game comprised largely of rejection if you are in a pitch with other agencies.  That is why that is not the optimum way of getting New Business. I know.  I have hunted for New Business all my life.  I am a consultant and have to create my job each and every day.  My dinner comes from what I win. There is no time in my life to coast.

I have also had the pleasure of conducting agency reviews for a number of clients including Jenny Craig, Jacuzzi, Toyo Tires and many other companies. Continue reading

Who is The Smartest New Business Person At Your Agency?


I received an e mail from a young man the other day. I am very easy to find and connect with because I market myself.  He had read my blogs and watched some of my videos on New Business Development.

He was new to the agency world but he was in charge of his agency’s New Business program.  He characterized himself as a new biz kid.

He was reaching out because he hadn’t received any training at the agency on how to pursue New Business.  It was learn as you go.  The training program of the New Normal. Continue reading

Why I Hate Conducting Agency Reviews.


Agency reviews are my perfect straddle

I can blend both sides.

In the end I have to tell every  agency except one this is the end.

I don’t want the review to end

I have smelled the scents of the chase

Everyone likes the action

In the end I have to pick up the phone.

I have procrastinated about it way too long today but I can’t pull the trigger.

I don’t want to make the call.

I have worked their hours many times. . I was in their place.
I had to pick up the phone and explain to everyone who wanted to know.

I feel both sides.

The new  agency world  is a tough game.

I am always proud that my agency brothers and sisters made it a tough call.

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