How the Great Recession Still Lingers in Today’s Workplace


Yes the fear is still there even if you are working with your decimal point salary increases since that time. Today many young people will trade money for place but that doesn’t mean your company’s self-promotion about being the best company to work for in your town.

False best places to work are ubiquitous. The truth is less often found.

The Great Recession impacted salaries for sure. My eyes get wide when I am recruiting for companies. I got a job spec for a major agency global account lead and the salary was less than I made 15 years ago when I wasn’t a global agency lead.

I would have loved the perks and the miles. Continue reading


The Worst Way to Evaluate Employees Is By the Numbers.


I am sure that we have all received the same texts after a retail or customer service experience.

You go into your Wireless store to make a purchase or to complain or to work out a problem with your phone.

After you leave you get a number of texts asking you to rate the experience from 1 to 10.

The bottom line is that you are rating the employee and not the company.

I have known many employees at my Wireless stores. I like to connect with people. I’m a networker.

They text me after I visit the store and say make sure you give me a perfect 10.

If you don’t my Manager will be on me.

Tell them that your experience was perfection. Continue reading

Automated Marketing. How’s A Client to Choose?


Automated Marketing, Lead Generation, CRM, Database Marketing is all the rage today.

Let the internet do it Mikey.

I learned a lot about automated marketing when I was conducting an agency review for j2 Global a few years ago. They offer products like eFax, eVoice and onenbox and are all about acquisition, retention and win back programs.

When I conducted my search I found it a complex landscape. There were your software providers like Eloqua, Magneto, and other software solutions. There were direct marketing firms that claimed to implement digital lead gen. There were digital agencies that also said they implemented customer acquisition programs. There were Direct Response agencies that said they implement lead gen. They all claimed to offer the best solution.

What it hype or reality? I felt as if I was in a blender of promises. Continue reading

Why Agencies Don’t Have A Clue About New Business.


Successful agencies that I’ve met, and I’ve met many all over the country, really know how to get New Business.

They are focused and determined so nothing will get in their way.

Just like a Marathon runner, they know that you have to focus on your investment of time and the finish line which can seem many foot steps away.

I get emails from strangers at agencies all the time.

They tell me they would appreciate it if I could refer them to any of my contacts who might be looking for marketing and advertising help.

Let me stop what I am doing to make money in my life.

After all I have just known you for a minute.

Not going to happen. Continue reading

The Hardest Transition For People in Transition to Make.


Yes there are still people in transition but the press doesn’t write about them much anymore.

If you live in the New Normal you know the truth.

When people get launched into the world of not having a job there is often pain, disappointment, surprise, anger and the idea of changing what they do.

The only thing that matters is your own self-determination. The rest is noise but it is difficult to get clarity and silence when you are in such a spot.

When people lose their jobs, half of them are surprised because they weren’t looking. Continue reading

The Secrets of Hiring Great Agency Talent.


The world has changed but a lot of agencies didn’t get the memo.

In the New Normal, this includes advertising, public relations, digital or interactive agencies, content marketing firms, automated marketing firms, lead generation firms, social media agencies, direct marketing firms and probably another ten disciplines that don’t come to mind. This run on sentence alone should convince you that the world has changed.

All agencies, marketing firms and clients are competing for the same talent as marketing becomes more and more digital.

The last time finding talent was this challenging was during the .com boom when anyone who could fog a mirror wanted $80K. Continue reading