The First Thing That People in Transition Need to Do Is to Lose Their Minds


Yes you need to change your wiring and learn a new way to land a job these days. It is the New Normal.

People in transition try to figure out their new life by what worked for them when they were successfully working and how they got a job in the past.

If they have been working for 10 years at their previous job they may have found it in a newspaper. Think that works today?

Job hunting is the farthest thing away from working unless you know how to turn your job skills into knowing how to market yourself.

I had a coffee the other day with a person newly arrived in the out of work game. I’ve been out of the game for a long time. It was at a Starbucks I really like. Right across from the Mission in San Juan Capistrano. People were at restaurants for a late lunch and the Swallows Inn had a number of folks at the bar. The Farmer’s Market was starting.

I met with somebody what was connected to me by somebody I don’t remember. This isn’t the first time that I have been referred to a person in transition this week.

Life in the New Normal is like a game of hopscotch.

My new Starbucks friend had been with their previous company for over 10 years. I asked what got you to this place. Three CEO’s and three CMO’s in ten years and I landed here.

They had all the bad wiring about networking that people in transition learned when they were working.

They had no business cards, a generic and lagging LinkedIn profile and no online game.

I gave them some suggestions on great networking groups in Orange County.

“Isn’t that a place where there are a lot of people in transition?” I have always heard that question from people who used to have a job but landed in a place where they didn’t want to be with people like them.  My video on why I network with people in transition played in my mind.

They shared their thoughts on how they felt that people who were consultants were folks that couldn’t get a job. They were sitting across from a consultant who had been one for longer than they had their last job.  I heard that comment before from people that were in their hallowed halls of safety.

Creating a career is much harder than working for a company.

You see you can’t go forward in the New Normal based on what you learned ten years ago. There wasn’t even an iPhone then.

You can’t bring your old attitudes into the present.  They don’t always work.

You will land if you have the ability to change and lose your mindset from the past and embrace the New Normal. I did a long time ago.

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