I Am Here For You.


I saw a recruiter on a panel once tell the audience that the biggest reason that people leave companies is their immediate boss.

It doesn’t matter how great the company is.

In a way your immediate boss is your employer

I know a number of people in sales.

They tell me their stories.

They have goals. When the meet them they get higher goals.

Then you and your immediate boss get together for a little high five and rah rah session.

What’s your stretch goal they ask?

Yes, your stretch goal. The one you would like to achieve.

You give them a number and from that moment on your stretch goal, which is often a pipe dream, becomes your new goal. A little sleight of hand. Another carnie game.

It becomes your daily burden when you get into your car to meet your clients every morning.

Trying to make something possible suddenly when everybody knows that selling today is about growing relationships.

You don’t get married after your first date.

Invariably most folks that I talk to say that their boss always follows up with texts or email saying that “I am here for you” when it is far from the truth.

I am here for you means that I am here to make sure I keep my job even if it means you could lose your job.

The trust tree with your boss is gone and you feel like you are about to be thrown under a bus.

If you suggest new marketing material they say they can’t provide them but they are here for you.

If you ask them to go to a sales meeting and ask them to help convert a difficult customer they won’t say much but they will leave the day with advice on how they would have converted that customer even though they didn’t say boo when you met with them.

They will tell you that they are there for you.

In business there are platitudes and attitudes.

I am here for you is just rhetoric in a world where great sales people want real support that can help them.

Some Managers don’t have a clue. But then again working for a good company in the New Normal doesn’t mean you are going to have a good boss.

In the New Normal you need to realize your boss won’t change, isn’t thinking of you when you are thinking of them and realize it is time to move on.

Because good people like you are increasingly hard to find.

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