I Quit.


Somebody told me the other that that they were going out on their own terms. I knew exactly what they meant and  how they felt.

The third rail of working has always been the fact that you can get fired. Right to work states etc.

During the Great Recession most people were afraid of getting terminated because they saw how hard it was for their peers, who were on the beach, to get a job.

That was followed by years of feeble salary growth because nobody wants to rock the boat. Take the raise with a smile or put your complaint into the company suggestion box.

Don’t let the door hit you in the …. on your way out the door.

Not easy getting a 2% salary increase when the stock market has gone from 6547 at the Great Recession’s bottom to over 17,000 today.

There were few stories about Mom or Dad shouting from the kitchen, “Hey kids Dad or Mom just called me. They got a raise.  We’re going out for dinner.”  Recent raises have meant bringing home take out.

But things are changing on the hiring front.

Companies reach out to me all the time to find talent because they know I have a large and New Normal network. Its been built up over time and many Starbucks spent with people in transition and working. Some happy and some unhappy.

I have written too much about the employment casualties of the Old Normal.

Now I get wonderful e mails from people when I am looking for talent telling me that the people they know who could have filled that spot have landed.

Now I hear the rumble of people that are going out on their own terms and they are proud of it.

They have found new jobs and are resigning. I can feel their new plateau of confidence in themselves.

Some are free of having to meet unrealistic sales goals that are not set on market conditions, competitive landscapes, or product advantages but Quarterly stock price goals.

Now finding great talent will become even harder.  If you are a digital player in the New Normal you are coveted and valued. The truth of that is in the digital streets.

Digital Marketing folks, SEO folks, Programmers, Paid Search people, Social Media talent, Product Managers, Engineers are coveted by both agencies and clients.

Everybody wants you.

The companies that offer low ball offers to candidates because they think that people are desperate for work will get rejected and create poor word of mouth.

Low ball offers often come from people who often have plenty of money but love the game of haggling, winning or dominating more.

Company location is increasingly a factor. People no longer want to drive long commutes to work at a marginal job for a secondary company. It is all about the loss of human time and chiropractor pain.

Now former employees will get to reciprocate company job jargon in their resignation letters. This is to inform you that I will be terminating my relationship with (name of your company) at this time and date.

I thank you for the opportunities that you have given me.

I quit. Bet you want to say that.

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