How Agencies Can Get More New Business in the New Normal


I could have called this article Does Your Agency Have Vision or Passion or Leadership?  What most agencies think is vision is a positioning line. Vision isn’t copy.  Vision is a belief that translates into action.   It is an ethic that fosters a culture and an aggressive approach to New Business.

I had lunch the other day with a Chief Technology person for a bicoastal agency.

I had never met her before and was chasing her for something else.

We had a nice chat about a lot of things.

She had a lust for learning new things, even programming. That was clear.

I asked her about New Business because that is the juice of agency life.

She told me that they had picked up a lot of business late last year and were now digesting it.

It reminded me of the snake I saw at a cottage in Canada when it had just swallowed a frog.

Fat and happy. Although I was only 5 I knew it wouldn’t chase me.

The agency was focusing on the heavy lift of absorbing what they had won.

Smart strategy. Nice place to be. Regroup for a while.

They were being quiet on the New Business front.

A danger bell went off on the other size of my brain because I have seen that before.

Ramping up for New Business takes a long time.

However many agencies are greedy and keep on the hunt and overeat.

Onboarding is one of the most important aspects of New Business.  It leads to longer relationships and happier clients and that leads to more work.

It doesn’t provide as much excitement as the chase but it provides the cash.

I could see that this agency had their act together.

It could turn out to be a soliloquy or one act play but I felt that they were solid.

I sold my other wares and we had a fine lunch and a fine time.

During desert she pulled out a small black bag and gave me a lifetime present.

Have you ever seen Google Glass?

No I said.  Out they came.

I tried them on and they were a little underwhelming.

But I also knew from many experiences that you often enter the future with your past lens and I wanted to spend more time with them.

I asked her where she got them.

My agency bought them for me. I smiled. I liked that.

She said since I am the head of technology they wanted me to have real world experience with the product.

An investment of $1500.

How many agencies do that?

I am sure that all the multinational’s do. I sure hope so.

What does your agency do?

The average size of an agency in the U.S. is 7 people.

Does your agency use Google Glass?

Would your agency invest $1500?

Does your agency want more New Business in the New Normal?

Does your agency lead clients and prospects or just cobble shoes?

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Watch a video called: How Agency’s Can Get More New Business

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