Who is The Smartest New Business Person At Your Agency?


I received an e mail from a young man the other day. I am very easy to find and connect with because I market myself.  He had read my blogs and watched some of my videos on New Business Development.

He was new to the agency world but he was in charge of his agency’s New Business program.  He characterized himself as a new biz kid.

He was reaching out because he hadn’t received any training at the agency on how to pursue New Business.  It was learn as you go.  The training program of the New Normal.

I am glad that he wasn’t my dentist or learning to drive on the 405.

He emailed me and shared that he would love to engage with a new biz consultant to potentially do some training work for their agency. He shared that unfortunately the agency principal wouldn’t be interested in spending the money. Another cobbler in a Zappos World.

He told me in advance that if I didn’t respond he would understand because he understood I can’t work for free. The wisdom of youth.

He was all alone facing the wall of producing results.

We followed up and had a live chat.

He shared his frustrations.

I know that we are like every other agency out there he shared.  There are many agencies right down the road that do the same things that we do. It is so hard to differentiate our agency.  We are very good at what we do but I am sure so are the other agencies.  I am just not sure what strategy to take or how to position ourselves.  He carried burdens that shouldn’t have been his.

He was a very smart young man.

He knew his strengths and his weaknesses and was candid about them.

I am connected to the to the President of the agency where the young man works.

He accepted my invitation to connect but didn’t pursue me.

I was doing a review at the time.

An agency in his city which was a long shot won the business.

If I was conducting another review I wouldn’t contact him but I would contact his New Business Person.  He is a lot smarter.  I am sure that he will be fine.  Soon he will be working at another agency.  I will contact him there.

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3 thoughts on “Who is The Smartest New Business Person At Your Agency?

  1. Great blog post, as always. It’s really a shame that the agency principal placed an agency new business novice to the role of generating new business and that he/she was unwilling to invest in training.

    I believe that an agency new business developer must possess a very well-rounded understanding of communications, marketing, advertising and the agency he/she works for. It’s rare to find this individual because they are typically agency principals which is why they sometimes make the best new business developers. However, many who moved up the ranks within account management and account planning tend to be good candidates for the job.

    At my agency, I am responsible for providing strategic planning to our clients as well as generating new client relationships. Had I not previously owned an agency for 8 years and worked in various capacities within an agency, I’m not sure I would be as good at new business as I am. Rarely do I find myself having to tell prospects that I will need to check with my team and get back to them on something. I usually have the answer for them on the spot.

    It was very nice of you to chat with that young man, who probably sees you as a mentor now. It was also very smart of him to reach out to you in the manner that he did.

    Always love your posts Hank. Thanks!

  2. So glad our industry continues to attract smart young men like that. Do tell him that there are some great free online resources where he can self-educate in Biz Dev
    1. Your Good self – 1st in the list!
    2. Blair Enns’ blog Win Without Pitching
    3. Our Blog, Creative Agency Secrets
    4. Trinity P3 also has good posts about what you can do for your own agency website and collateral

    And I’d love to connect to him on Linked In as well.

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