I Am Going to Lose My Job. We Need to Network.


I love people and I love to network.  Every encounter leaves a life impression.

I have learned that if you have big ears and a small mouth you will learn a lot.

I had coffee today with somebody who I met years ago but haven’t seen for some time.

They a prominent marketer.

Sure we were on LinkedIn. Sure we share some friends.

I have sent them e mails from time to time over the course of the years. They had many great jobs and I wanted to see if what I offered could help.  Most went answered but that’s OK.  Nobody watches every ad.

They did respond recently so I went along. I know the game.

We had coffee in the early morning near where they work. It was a little too early for my last night’s bedtime but I was game.

I was a little bit late for the meeting.  California traffic or their commitment to me I am not sure.

They were on the phone when I arrived. I went up to the Barista and ordered a decaf latte with two raw sugars.

They were still on the phone when I came back.  When their work was done they turned to me.

It didn’t take long to get to their point.  My job is going away soon.

A lyric by the Beatle’s came into my head.  I heard the news today oh boy.

What do you hear out there?  They asked.  Why am I here I thought.

I told her I hear about jobs that aren’t on line because I am a networker and people reach out to me because I know a lot of people. This peaked her interest.

Do you network I asked?  No is what they said.

During the course of the conversation they threw out their salary.  It was more than I make.  But I do have a network so I was valuable today.

I have sat in a similar chair at many times at many different Starbucks locations over the years.  They are all the same.  Doesn’t matter if they are male or female, their attitude is the same.

They are dead ends but I want them to turn the corner.  I want to convert them.  Maybe I should have been a missionary.

On my way home I called my friend at home and told her I had reconnected with somebody I hadn’t seen in a long time.

She immediately asked if they were going to lose their job and were networking with me.

She has heard the story many times before.

My friend’s only agenda is protecting my time. It’s a precious commodity when you are a consultant without regular direct deposits.

I came home to many emails that I tried to overlook. I sent out a number of e mails connecting my networking friend from this morning to some people I know.

We will see how it goes.

I wanted to change their networking Karma and we will see if we do.

As the Rolling Stones sang.  I have no expectations to pass thru here again.

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3 thoughts on “I Am Going to Lose My Job. We Need to Network.

  1. Good post Hank. I offered to help someone today who lost their job recently. I’ve tried reaching out to this person several times in the past but I never received a reply. Until now. I guess as long as they are working, some people don’t feel the need to network or return calls. That’s okay. I believe in karma and always try to lend a hand. I know what its like to be on the other side of that call during periods of transition. What goes around usually comes around, as they say.

  2. Successful networking is a ongoing activity, not just one when you need it. Who are you connecting with on a regular basis and who are you helping, on a regular basis. Too often “networking” is just “connecting” or a “I’ll see you when I need you” activity.

    A good reminder to stay active! Thanks Hank!

  3. Thanks for the post Hank. Karma is good to spread.

    This is a bit of a sidebar, but I want to plant a seed…

    People often use the expression, “I lost my job.” As someone who’s been laid off a couple of times due to nothing more than the economy (at least in my mind) or a poorly run company (again, in my view), I’ve always reframed it this way:

    I didn’t lose my job — my job lost me.

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