Job Hunting In the New Normal.


Many of the people who grew up in the Old Normal often ask me “Is there any professionalism left in the Job Hunting Process Today?”

I am a funny guy to ask because I stopped looking for a job 10 years ago when I started Blank and Associates.  I saw the writing on the wall.

The short answer I give them is no or very little.  It is a bitter pill. When you are looking for a job you want the reassurance of  decorum so you can feel better that there is still some structure in the process.  Unfortunately there isn’t.

You can call it politeness, civility, decorum, professionalism,  the rules of the game, protocols and just plain human decency but it doesn’t matter.

The world has changed.

It is easy to blame companies but companies are composed of employees often focused on accomplishing tasks under the black cloud of  potentially  getting fired and internal cost cutters who looking to find their number.  The first thing that gets cut in that environment is civility.  Is it getting better?  I don’t know.

Another culprit is certainly technology.  To save money and by pass the channel of recruiters with fees companies posted jobs on their sites and Monster, LinkedIn, and other places as they proliferated.  It’s free or only costs a little bit. I am a cost saving hero.

It cost less and you don’t have to follow up with the anonymous.

Then you get hundreds of people who aren’t even remotely qualified.  This can be followed by a question from your  boss, “Do we have any candidates yet?’

Another culprit is ourselves.  The deluge of the job losses resulting from the world melting five years ago created a cullture of desperation.  It is easy to understand why but it just overloaded human capacity.

When I recruit people and use online vehicles I can’t believe how many people respond that aren’t even remotely qualified.  I even include a huge disclaimer announcing that I will not respond to people who aren’t a good fit.  I am sorry and I was to help them but being in the Armed Forces doesn’t make you a good candidate for an Advertising AE or a Data Analyst.

So how do we get back to a world where there were some rules of the game? Some parameters of engagement?  Civility balanced with utility.

First don’t clog the system.  If you aren’t a good fit don’t submit. We are all short of time.  Don’t waste yours and the person on the receiving end.  In today’s world let’s give it a shot gets deleted.

Second realize that there are ebbs and flows in the job hunting process.  I recently heard or read that only 8% of jobs were found online.  I have also read recently that employers are going back to the old method of finding people in marketplace.  Using recruiters and other methods.  There are actually want ads in the jobs section now in the Sunday paper.

It is more about networking than going downstairs in the morning with your slippers and jammies on and thinking that you are job hunting on your computer when you are often chasing futility.

But that has always been the way of the world.  Everything changes and everything stays the same.

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