Are you a Netweaver?


I wrote a blog recently called One Dimensional Networking that generated a number of comments.  One reader, Jo Lynn Deal, posted an interesting observation and brought up a descriptor that I hadn’t heard applied to networking.  It was the concept of a “netweaver” who is a person who looks for opportunities to build community and help others.

Now I have always believed in connecting the dots networking. It was the title of my first CD. My concept is pretty simple. It is all about connecting two people who don’t know each other but you sense possible connection points that could be of interest to them and then simply connect them together.  They could be vastly different in age and background but you see some similarities.  They went to the same school, are from the same country, have similar passions etc.  It generally leads to meaningful relationships.  Some, but not all of these relationships may result in the benefit of financial currency.  All pay generously in social currency in my experience.

I have also written in the past about the concept of connectors in the ABC’s of Networking.  We have all met connectors.  They are the people that you meet and they immediately have suggestions of where you should go and people you should meet.  “Have you ever met (          ) they ask?”  “Have you ever gone to (         )?   Yes connectors see paths for you when you see nothing.  They see doors where you see walls.  They are your networking angels. They can be a powerful force in developing new opportunities for you, if you listen to them.  Many of us don’t sadly.  I don’t think that connectors come over the internet and that you only run into connectors in person.  Maybe that kind of communication that connectors read can’t come through a cable.  You will never meet connectors if you don’t network in person.

The concept of netweaver does bring up some interesting ideas and imagery.  I do believe that your network is not just a static data base of names and e mails.  It is your village of people and it must be cultivated, nurtured and woven together. It is like tilling the garden.  It creates better growth.  The same thing applies to your network.

If you weave people together you will turn your networking village into a community because you are constantly nurturing it. So are you a netweaver?  Are you cultivating your networking village?  If not maybe it is time to start a little weaving. This can be done in the safety of your own home.

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4 thoughts on “Are you a Netweaver?

  1. I have always done this just didn’t know there was a name for it or that others though of it as a value. I just always thought it would be something I would like others to do for me so I just do it for others…..what’s that saying “do unto others as you would….”

  2. Thoughtful article, Hank. I especially like “It is your village of people and it must be cultivated, nurtured and woven together.” Anything worthwhile is worth nurturing.

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