5 thoughts on “What Type of Network Should A New Business Person Have?

  1. Great points, Hank, and thanks for the shout-out! Love your perspective on helping senior people find jobs. That’s a GREAT way to be helpful.

    There are all sorts of ways you can be helpful to people in your network – and understanding this can unlock additional value in it. For example, an agency I know was pitching a piece of business, but needed additional insights on it. Another agency I knew understood that business, and was only too happy to speak with the first agency. I was happy to connect the two, creating a win-win.

  2. Hank – your rolodex image is apt. There are plenty of connections that you can turn into a value adding network if you think creatively.

    I had an experience today that illustrates a little bit of that sort of creativity. I heard from a former colleague a few weeks ago. He was interviewing for a position with a firm in Georgia and he noticed (not a random event mind you) that a member of the Board of Directors is a contact of mine on LinkedIn. He sent me a note and asked if I would be willing to reach out to the Board member on his behalf. Since the guy is an absolutely terrific leader and helped me in my former career I was happy to oblige with a quick email.

    I heard back from him this morning and he is moving back to Georgia next month after accepting the job.

    My colleague did some creative mining of his network to find a way to help himself. No idea if my intervention made any difference, but the approach tells you something about the thoroughness and determination of my colleague. The lessons for me from this exchange were: yes, it really is a small world (if you look closely enough) and eventually you really do reap what you sow, so keep sowing good stuff.


  3. Insightful as always. If you’re prepared to “pay it forward” and never approach a situation thinking “what’s in it for me?” then your network will always respond in kind. In tough economic times its hard to remain selfless but, if you are, it always pays huge dividends.

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