2 thoughts on “How Agencies Can Get More New Business in 2012. You Need a Plan. Often Said Rarely Done.

  1. Thanks Hank for the great insight…indeed “a plan” is necessary. But few (marketing communications firms of all shapes and sizes) will make a plan that they can actually live with. Why? Most creative firms are afraid to say NO. Just winning new business for its own sake is short-sighted and dangerous to your growth.

    Before you sit down to make a plan that you can live with everyday, you’ll need to have clarity and confidence on these questions:

    – is your firm a generalist or a specialist? (hint: you better be specialized in one thing you do better than anyone else)
    – do clients have abundant alternatives to your firm?
    – can you easily identify your best propsects?
    – do you absord the costs of travel and expenses in the sales process?
    – are you being asked to diagnose and prescribe solutions for free (pitch) as a means of proving your worthiness?
    – are you doing the type of work that matters to you and has a real impact on your client’s business outcomes?
    – are you providing more “use value” than you’re being paid in cash value (hint: this is the key to commanding premium fees)
    – is business development a separate and full time function in your firm, preformed by someone far removed from serving clients?
    – do your clients act as a non-paid sales force for your firm?

    Your answers to these questions will tell how you how much power you have in the sales cycle. The key to a new busness plan begins with the right answers to these questions.

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