5 thoughts on “Why Holiday Time is a Great Time for Networking.

  1. Fantastic post, Hank. You’re so right about those combined events being better attended and how the shy (sometimes aloof) senior level executives come out to show the flag during holiday time.

  2. Great post! It seems like people come out of the wood works around the holidays. As a college student, I’ve also found that this time permits prime opportunities to make quality contacts in order to find a career in the Spring!

  3. Any time is a great time for networking.

    The holidays are a low risk time to test out new ideas on people in good moods who you may never see again. Maybe you want to position yourself a bit differently. Maybe you want to gauge the reaction to a new idea.

    PS The holidays are also ideal for getting feedback. People you know may be more forthcoming when you ask what you can do better.

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