7 thoughts on “Job Hunting in Two Different Worlds.

  1. It amazes me when I speak with friends who don’t understand the power of Linkedin. A complete profile is, as you say, essential. I would also add that participation in selected groups is extremely helpful, as well. Thanks to comments or answers I’ve given in groups, I’ve received numerous inquiries and at least three new clients – totally out of the blue! What’s even more exciting is that these clients are geographically distant from me. So Linkedin has literally opened the world for anyone interested enough to take advantage of the opportunities.

  2. Excellent suggestions. Questions: When I attempt to ask for a recommendation, the system first asks me which of my previous jobs or schools I want to be recommended for. This does not make any sense to me. Am I missing something here? I want to be recommended for a future position. And, can I get a recommendation from someone who I have not directly worked with in the past, but who knows me from elsewhere? Thank you.

  3. Hi Hank,
    I totally agree with you. Today, there are nearly 160 million professionals, decision-makers, hiring managers, venture capital professionals, and executives on Linkedin, and that’s a place where you need to be as part of your career management strategy. If someone needs help with LInkedin, I would suggest that they should contact Ted Robison – Mr. Link Me In, at http://www.linkedin.com/in/tedrobison or myself. Tom Oliver at Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/thomasoliver

  4. Kristen

    Mr. Blank,

    Nicely said. Thank you for writing and sharing this story. I also know many professionals who are unclear or unaware of the career benefits from “really leveraging the power of Linkedin”.

    I’m currently searching for a new job. So I thought it wise to follow your advice from a previous blog article (Thank you!) and invest in a professional looking LinkedIn photo. I used Tankersley Photography, http://www.tankphoto.com, in Corona Del Mar and would recommend the the studio to anyone looking for a good, low-cost photographer. He included wardrobe changes and 1 free photo retouch.

    Also, once I added keywords to my Skills section, I began to receive messages and requests from local recruiters. Just these 2 additions have been very helpful in obtaining interviews.

  5. Thank you. Your clear definitiions of the “old” normal and the “new” normal showed me some things I have to change. I am grateful to you. I tried to connect with you on LinkedIn, but LinkedIn wouldn’t permit this. Never mind. I will find a way.

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