2 thoughts on “What makes a good AE Part Three

  1. I think this paragraph, from your second article, says it best:
    “Today’s successful AE’s are a Renaissance Man no matter what their dominant chromosome is. This is their personal knowledge. They know a meaningful little about a lot. They are not vertical but horizontal in their discovery but they are not shallow. They consume today’s culture and innovation through reading, checking out art, music, being foodies, or discovering Marshall McLuhan who predicted today. They are interesting people to be with. This gives them connectivity in dialogue and the ability to build and stimulate relationships because they have many touch points to connect with prospects, clients and their target audience. People like being with them. That’s a good thing in advertising.”

    I sorely miss Renaissance People. I don’t know where they’ve disappeared to, but I am often frustrated when I’m trying to brainstorm — so many people have never bothered to learn STUFF anymore. The best ideas are often the result of making the odd connection between unrelated bits of information. Without knowing “a meaningful little about a lot” those bits just aren’t there to create a synapse explosion.

    Good series! You really “get it.”

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