The Questions Each CEO Should Ask About Social Media


Would your Board be pleased if they knew your company’s brand’s investment was being managed by 22 year olds on social media?  Are they good stewards of the brand?  What if your company’s audit was done by the newest employee at your accounting firm?

Who sets quantitative reasons your company limits participation in social media?

Do you see a summary of what your customers are saying about your company in social media?  Has your consumer’s sentiment changed in the past six months?

What is more valuable than knowing what people were saying about your product? Is your on line reputation important to you?  Have you ever done a Google search on yourself?

So what is the cost benefit analysis?  Your spending thousands of dollars in traditional market research to find out what your customers are thinking while they are talking to you for free but, you’re not there?

Do you have the right people listening? Answering? Adapting your brand message by proper interpretations?  Can they see opportunity or do they just report what they have heard?  Are they just eyes or are they wise?

If you don’t personally engage in any forms of social media, how did you make informed decisions on involvement… stockholder perception? A CEO without social media traction is in danger of going the way of a secretary, overhead projector, typewriter, pay phone or whiteout, outplacement?  Are you staying marketable in today’s CEO world?

Start here. See why Ford totally reinvented itself and has dramatically changed their brand consideration by becoming social media centric. All started by the CEO… who participated. See what parts fit you.

Isn’t it time to have a listen on social media to see where your future earnings are going? Yes, there is too much for you to know. Get in a social media agency that lives, eats and breathes ‘brand’ in this space and let them do a diagnosis of you and your competitors in terms you need. Let them offer you a good place to be right now. Being out of it will put you out of the picture of leadership.

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8 thoughts on “The Questions Each CEO Should Ask About Social Media

  1. I agree. The CEO is the key driver of the company and need to be aware of, hopefully in tune with, the largest social phenomenon in existence. A CEO who is not web savvy and social media involved risks missing out on the key leading “soft” data of market research. While a CEO can not spend their day immersed in Facebook and Twitter, they need to be involved and aware, to the same degree they are involved and aware of their companies finance, marketing, production, engineering, distribution, legal and technical functions.

    Galen Sonntag

  2. Sean Peake

    Excellent piece Hank. I should print it off and give it to my clients who are being cajoled to jump on the SM bandwagon.

  3. Thanks for posting this, Hank. You bring up many great questions that my company faces everyday. As a social media marketing firm we provide brands with campaign strategy, social media community management a wide range of social media services.

    A major reason we have been able scale our business is by showing brand decision makers how social media engagement can lead a customer through the sales funnel, past the point of purchase and into the implementation, support and renewal phases where they then assume an advocacy role. Through this process the customer becomes empowered and will naturally become your next brand ambassador.

    The proof of this strategy lays in the extensive testing, measuring and reporting that we do. Along with showing the facts I believe it’s essential to work closely with brand stakeholders so they learn how the steps they are taking now will benefit them in the future (Big Picture).

  4. i’m once again impressed by your knowledge Mr. Hank.
    Why didn’t you buy this blog? it can help you in leveraging and socializing your content more easily.
    As i’ve always honored your knowledge, can you please help me on these topics?
    1)How magazines work: how to start one? how do they earn revenues?how do they reach advertisers and writers?whats the marketing plan if you’re opening your own magazine?
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    If you can help me with these 2 topics, i’ll be very grateful to you. Any book regarding these topics, or any article, blog posts will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you so much Mr. Hank

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