Ten More Quick New Business Tips for Agencies


1. Make your cases shorter and start with the results. Put the good stuff at the begining of your presentation.
2. If you were rushed at the end of your presentation and didn’t present some juicy morsels, you didn’t rehearse enough.
3. Every agency in the world has access to MRI. Clients don’t know what to do with Cabernet Campers and I have never met one. Please find something fresh. How about targeted consumers with high Klout Scores that buy your type of stuff?
4. Ever thought of presenting your agency’s Capabilities deck on YouTube?
5. “We want your business,” is not a very compelling reason to hire your agency. Neither is “We’d be perfect for you.”
6. Call the client or the review consultant when they are on their way to your office, meet them in the parking lot and escort them into your office. Builds chemistry.

7. Never give up the opportunity to keep your mouth shut. Very hard for agency people.
8. Be very transparent about the past with freelance and former employee creative work. The same work is being presented at the next agency and both of you will lose trust and client confidence.
9. Don’t gush about the importance of social media if you and your agency aren’t really engaged in social media. You will lose credibility.
10. Don’t expect many clients to take great leaps of faith these days and just trust you that things will work. They are often betting their jobs.
11. Listen. Effective New Business is less of pushing down what you want the client prospect to hear but more effectively pulling out what they want to tell you.


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