The Power of Networking – A Video Clip by Hank Blank


I blog and speak on networking often.  I have also spent years networking as my primary way of building my business.

I thought I would add something new to the mix and provide a recently shot short video on the Power of Networking. It is overview of what I have learned.

It was done with my buddy Torrey Tayenaka from OC Creative Media. Talk about exceptional talent!

Thanks Torrey and happy recent 25th birthday.

Check it out.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Hope this video is worth a 700 word blog.
To contact Hank to speak to your company or any organizations you may be involved with send him an e mail at or Tweet @hankblank You can download Hank’s Networking CD’s by visiting his site at


You can connect with Hank on Linkedin

Follow his updates on twitter @hankblank


Watch his video on YouTube on How to Rise Above the Crowd.


2 thoughts on “The Power of Networking – A Video Clip by Hank Blank

  1. It’s great to know that the very same message that CEO Space has been professing for decades, is getting out through other sources …even some of the quotes!

    “Your Network equals your Network” comes from Val Vandewal circa 1991 and has been made popular by his friend, Mark Victor Hansen, who was able to create “Chicken Soup” because of CEO Space.

  2. Accolades !
    It is always benefical to be reminded of the process of Networking.
    An inspirational and motivational video, Hank re-enforces the importance and focus of our efforts + energies at all times.
    This video comes at a critical time as I embrace change in my career. Thank you for reminding us of the basic but paramount steps toward transition and success, cognizant of exercising patience when necessary!

    F Chanel

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