Audio Clip of Networking Tips for Those Who Hate to Network


I recently wrote three blogs around the theme of hating to network.  They were called Hank Blank’s Networking Tips for Those Who Hate to Network, More Networking Tips for Those Who Hate to Network and Networking Tips for College Students Who Hate to Network.

They were extremely well received and immediately became some of my best read blogs ever. It must be that majority of people still really don’t like networking and they are looking for ideas on how to overcome that.

Maybe its graduation time and students and young people realize you have to pull out all the stops these days to get a job. They realize that Mommy and Daddy might not be in position to provide much help in these recessionary times. The parents have their own job hunting challenges!

Last week I recorded a five minute clip along with Tin Wilson, about Networking Tips for Those Who Hate to Network. This was at my friend Mike Wallace’s great facility in Lake Forest called Firepan Media.

The speaker Tina, is a great voice over talent as you will be able to tell from this clip and she also performs as a jazz singer.  She loves to network even though she is blind.  She doesn’t let anything stop her from having a great networking life.

Have a listen.

To contact Hank to speak to your company or any organizations you may be involved with send him an e mail at or Tweet @hankblank  You can download Hank’s Networking CD’s by visiting his site at


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Watch his video on YouTube on How to Rise Above the Crowd.


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