In a Sea of Pink Slips Only the Visible Survive


Hope all is well.  I have been networking for many years and have blogged about the various benefits and aspects of networking on my site.

What do I see out there from my networking?  A lot of good people chasing too few jobs.

I still believe in the power of personal relationships and last week was able to get a friend’s resume pulled out of a pile by the HR person because of a number of connections. It is all about connecting the dots. Might not have been enough because of their experience but it still demonstrates the power of what networking practitioners believe.

However today in a sea of pink slips only the visible survive and rise to the top of the pile.  If you are unfortunately in transition you are in a huge pool of great talent that blends into a pool of sameness unfortunately. Since they are all vying for a limited number of opportunities you really need to stand out.  I was talking with a friend who recently got hired. He competed with 42 candidates and went through a total of 34 hours of interviews meeting with numerous people in two cities.  The total time frame from start to finish was 3 and half months.

I get invitations to webinars on personal branding and designing your memorable 30-second pitch and I don’t listen.  Today it’s not about your elevator speech, it is all about your Google presence.  The chances of you meeting your future hiring manager on an elevator this week are slim. The chances of your future hiring manager doing a Google search on you are much greater.

You need to participate in social media because it helps your SEO when that hiring manager or recruiter searches for you at home one night.  You may believe that Twitter is litter but that doesn’t matter, it helps your SEO.

You need to own Google.  It is as simple as that.  Not just showing up but dominating the entire first page with your though leadership, social media presence, and other media opportunities that you will also help your SEO.

You need to have your own website and personal URL based on your name. It is more important than that line you are paying for.

How is that photo on your Linkedin profile?  Did you take it or a professional photographer?

You need to rise above the crowd.  Today it is imperative to be easy to be found. Once people find you, your thought leadership needs to be robust to create your reputation and expertise. Hiring managers are very picky and you have to provide them with the rationale for hiring you.

A blog I have found is very effective at doing that if you have a voice.  The distribution engines are readily available. You have to distinguish yourself not on what you do but on what you know and who you are. You have to productize your knowledge and create your distinction.

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2 thoughts on “In a Sea of Pink Slips Only the Visible Survive

  1. Well-said Hank. From the hiring standpoint, I want people that stand out and have a passion as well as have a consistency in their process. I see them as strategic and I see those that are on again and off again as very tactical. For example, I have exchanged emails with this one person for the past five years in which we mutually know. When my company was in the press or we were a part of something, he would make mention of it. We even connected a couple time over the phone but nothing ever came out of it. Until last week, we had an opening and he saw it and sent me an email. I knew you knew him so I called you. We spoke and we made him an offer and now he is on board. Only the visible survive.

    My point is it took five years and a ton of emails and calls etc. But that is what a relationship is and that is what it takes when you rise to the top. I can’t tell you how many people I have interviewed in the past 12 months that did not take the time to send me a follow up email. Another thing is, (unless specifically noted), don’t send an email resume, send a hard paper one in a nice 10″ x 13″ envelope professionally addressed and you will get my attention. Nobody does that kind of stuff anymore…. But if you are really dedicated and want that job more than the 250 other that apply, make it known. If you really want the job, send it Federal Express, I guarantee it will be opened. Only the visible survive.

    Oh one other thing, before your interview, look at the agencies website and get to know their positioning and the client they work with. I had a real good interview last week until she asked me what clients does my agency represent. Then again I hired someone that upfront said they truly believe in a fully integrated strategic planning and execution process and have a background in working with healthcare clients, technology clients, QSR, motorsports clients, automotive manufacturers and even knew I race the Baja 1000 and that our agency gives back to a lot of the orphanages in Baja California. That person also said that you must even know the owner of Javier’s as he also races Baja. Guess who got the job……. Amazing how this all works.

    Once you get that job and you start, you must stay visible. You worked hard to get that job. BE the first one there in the morning and the last one to leave at night. Get involved in key aspects of the agency or business that drive new business or retain existing business, Learn and take advantage of learning and ongoing education. You paid thousands of dollars to go to college and did not get paid for it and now you are getting paid but you don’t make time to learn. Read and read some more about topics that pertain to the industry. IF you are on the agency side, read as much of the business press on the categories of the clients that you represent. Know the industry better than the clients and pass on notable articles to other staff that work on that piece of business as well as your clients. I was told this many years ago and live by it today, “It takes someone to do something to make something happen”. Be that person. Second place did not get the job or get the promotion.
    And yes back to your point, only the visible will survive. Yep. Are you visible?

    Thanks Hank for all that you do. You always seem to amaze me how dead on you are.

    Eric Morley | Blue C

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