What Works In Networking and Job Hunting


I have been networking for years so I have met, meet and interact with lots of people.

I wanted to share some recent observations with you about what works and doesn’t work in networking based on some things that happened to me in the past week or so.

Things are picking up albeit slowly.  People often share job openings with me because they know I have a large network.

This week I heard about 3-4 good jobs.  One pays $150K which is great.  Usually I hear about entry level jobs.  Things appear to be more robust but still cautious. I call these Lite Beer days.  Jobs are increasing spread by word of mouth these days as job postings result in tsunamis of resumes.

I got a call this week from somebody looking for a job.  He said I met him at a networking event at a group that has 1800 members. I don’t think calling networking strangers is an effective job hunting strategy.  I don’t have 20 to 30 minutes to stop and sit down and write down information about their backgrounds.  Cold calling strangers doesn’t work.  Cold calling recruiters maybe.

I also get the proverbial friends and family update letter about once a week.  In the majority of cases I don’t know who the person is.  The fact that they are expanding their search is pretty much universal in the majority of letters.  I don’t know if this strategy works. Maybe they provide moral support. Maybe they work. My impression is that they come from people who are more comfortable staying at home sitting behind their computers rather than going out and networking.

I also sat down with somebody who I respect who told me that they had started an accountability group with previously very successful performers in various disciplines who were also in transition.  Their experience was in different verticals.  They meet every two weeks and act as an accountability group.  A little accountability is always good and I always appreciate it in the end when my two accountability partners challenge me.  Things have a tendency to slip.  I don’t think that anybody today is goofing off but we are always trying to sort out what new contacts are opportunities versus things that don’t go anywhere.

I also got a letter this week on personal letterhead from a person who I had networked with one on one and knew.  They wrote that they had found a great new position and included a Starbucks card to thank me for some networking help I had provided for him.

I could sense how grateful he was about landing his new job and his appreciation when I read the letter.  It reminded me about something that I have learned during this recession.  The more humble you are the easier it is to be grateful.  I try to practice that every day.  Chose your networking practices wisely. Be grateful daily.

Hank Blank speaks to companies and organizations on Networking. To ask Hank to speak to your group send him an e mail at hank@hankblank.com Check out Hank by visiting his site at www.hankblank.com or just Goggle Hank Blank to get a more current updates on his recent activities.


4 thoughts on “What Works In Networking and Job Hunting

  1. I think the best strategy for employment or contract networking is to keep in touch with those you have worked with in the past. It’s a lot easier to ping a warm market than to hit people up after losing touch with them for many years.

    • hankblank

      Thanks for the comment. I call that mining the past and as you mentioned it works. Love connecting with the past.

      Take care.


  2. I agree. I’m a volunteer career coach (also looking for work) and I get a lot of people who want to connect with me on LinkedIn and all they say in their email is that we both belong to the Saddleback Career Coaching & Counseling group, which has almost 800 members. They should at least introduce themselves at one of the Monday night meetings and give me their card. It doesn’t take that long to write more detail in the email in how they know me. It’s about relationships people!

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