Advertising in a Global Village


I grew up in Toronto and in college was reading a lot by Marshall McLuhan, at that time an emerging thought leader on emerging technology.

He would write things like TV is hot and print is cool.  In a city of three daily newspapers I wasn’t really sure what he meant.  Now I think we all know.

He also said it’s a Global Village.  I found that a stretch growing up in a large country like Canada with a relatively small population and many remote areas very close to Toronto. Today two of one of my college roommate’s sons live in Shanghai.

He also said The Medium is the Message.  The iPad is certainly testimony to that.

I recently returned from my fourth trip to Argentina. It is truly Europe in South America.

My interactive and creative resource there is I have used Dante Fiorini for a number of years.  Great talent at a great price.  I call him on a local 949 area code and Dante picks up the phone in Argentina.

I met with three agencies during my trip.  A couple were multinationals and one was independent.  All were doing business in the U.S. and other parts of the world.  Developing programs for many English language clients.  Doing great work.

If you are big or small having great resources in other parts of the world has great benefits. You get new perspectives, great resources and a chance to improve your margins. It also opens up new markets for you.  I have followed this strategy for years.  First with Canadian resources and now in South America.

You are also providing added value solutions for your clients and fostering innovation.  It’s what happened when a lot of TV production was done in Canada when the U.S. dollar was stronger and the Canadian dollar much weaker.

If you wanted to get connected with Argentina, send me an e mail at

Besides conducing agency searches, Hank also helps agencies build effective New Business programs.  He frequently speaks to AAF Chapters on Why Agencies Don’t Want New Business and Networking Your Way to New Business.  You can contact Hank at

He has two CD’s on his site about New Business Development which you can download for pesos.


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