Why People in Transition Should Write a Draft of Their Hiring Announcement.


I run an advertising and public relations consultancy in Laguna Niguel.  Been doing it since 2001 in good times and bad times.

As I have to create a job for myself every day I spend time both in the oasis of good times and occasionally in the desert.

I know that when I go out of character when I am in the desert and begin to doubt my capabilities that I lose my effectiveness.

I have networked with people in transition for many years as in many ways I am constantly looking for work.

I often meet with people in transition who have great credentials, have worked on great brands, and have accomplished a lot but they have lost their confidence and their MOJO so to speak.

Maybe I can see all they offer because I am a Marketing person.

I think that if I was a hiring manager and they accepted a job with my company that I would be very excited to write their hiring announcement.  I’d feel that I had done a great job finding such a well credentialed person.  I visualize the pats on my back that the “great job landing that new person” comments I would receive. I’d look forward to the accolades.  A job well done.

Their strengths are like an IMAX movie for me.

Yet many of the people I am sitting across from at Starbucks don’t see it until I mention my suggestion of writing their hiring announcement to them and then their faces light up as their minds reassess. Hope is rekindled.

So if you are in transition step back and write a draft of your hiring announcement. Can’t visualize it? Then ask your spouse, coach, or accountability partner to do it.  Give it your best shot.  Believe in yourself again.  Get back into your working character.

I think you may have a new, refreshed and positive outlook and leave the desert.

Happy Networking.

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7 thoughts on “Why People in Transition Should Write a Draft of Their Hiring Announcement.

  1. This is the second time I read your post.. I must tell you that last night I met a lady at Social Media Day, who shared the horrors of two previous employments, and, how, on her first day at her new job, she could not believe how her new employers appreciated her coming on board so much. She got a warm hug, (that was a big deal) and her own office with a view, her name on the door, and a secretary. She was in heaven.

    I will write that draft for myself and call you soon!

  2. prdude

    Hello Hank: Great concept. Visualizing yourself in that new position also is a great way to find the energy to keep pushing the proverbial rock uphill. I just wrote a post on the “work” involved in networking. It’s at:


    Edward M. Bury, APR

  3. Chritian Kennedy

    Hank –
    Great article. It was such an easy read and provided information which was both insightful and valuable.

    Always enjoy reading your posts. You are truly a great example of how important communication is, whether its to ourselves or those around us.


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