Networking Isn’t About Going to an Event.


Most people have no clue on how to network. They think that networking is about going to an event but effective networking is more about a way of life.  To be a real good networker you need to live with an attitude of engagement and always be connecting with the people around you.  You network in all of your daily encounters instead of just your business encounters.  Why? Because you never know where your lead is going to come from.

People say that you in California you live an isolated life.  Transplants, gated communities, long commutes can lead to an existence where you don’t even know your neighbors.  I live a Norman Rockwell life in my village of three million in Orange County California.  At my Starbucks people notice if I change my regular order.  When I shop at my Grocery store next door, I say Hi to Grace the Polish cashier and say the two words I know in Polish.  She baked me a poppy seed cake at Easter.  When I fill up my tank at Mobil, the mechanic Collin says “Hi Hank.”  People look a little puzzled.  It is good to know a trusted mechanic.

When I first started my advertising and public relations business I was sitting around the fire at my local restaurant, Salt Creek Grille on PCH right above the beautiful Salt Creek Beach.  A guy came out and asked me what I was drinking.  We exchanges pleasantries and he asked what I did and I said advertising and PR.  He says “That’s great can you help us do a brochure?”  It was my first check. I took a picture of it.  I had my card at Salt Creek Grille because maybe after a couple of glasses of wine I wouldn’t remember his name or his e mail.  I keep my cards in my pocket all the time.

You can stare at you Crackberry at Starbucks and be a lemming on a leash or you can be engaged with the world around you.  You never know if the Barista’s Mother is the President of a Bank and wants her daughter to have a real world work experience.

If you live a life of engagement your life will grow and you may even learn what your neighbors do for a living.  Happy living.

Hank Blank speaks to companies and organizations on Networking.  He was recently the Keynote Speaker at the Jacuzzi and Sundance Dealer Conferences.  To book Hank to speak to your group send him an e mail at


3 thoughts on “Networking Isn’t About Going to an Event.

  1. Mister Reiner

    Interesting article Hank. It’s always good to be friendly, outgoing and have a positive attitude toward others. I recommend that people read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. It’s a great way to learn how to network.

  2. Nice post Hank, I really enjoy your topic and the articles I’ve seen by you here and on LinkedIn. Your frame-of-mind is something for people to aspire to.

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