Networking Your Way to Reinvention


Are you becoming a dinosaur?  Are you selling old model products and services in a new world? Are you a social media immigrant or native?  Are you participating in the new consumer conversation? When is the last time you reinvented yourself?  Are you more valuable to your company or your prospects or less marketable than you were 5 years ago?

The world is changing dramatically because of technology and the internet.  The IPhone is only 3 years old and already $2 Billion dollars of apps have been downloaded.  There are no record stores.  ITunes is the largest record store in the world. Kodachrome film was a $15 Billion business a few years ago and now is only available in a Paul Simon song.

How do you prosper in your career or consulting job or make yourself rise above the crowd if you are in transition?  How do you become bullet proof at your company because you are at the forefront of innovation and the internal thought leader and the go to person?

You know what worked yesterday isn’t going to work tomorrow.  You need to change.  You need to reinvent.  How do you do it when you have no time and many demands?

Well the best way to reinvent you is by effectively networking. When you attend a networking event you meet lots of people with expertise in different areas.  Network with them and they will make you smart on many subjects.  What is the best way to learn about social media?  Read an article or listen to a speaker who is an expert in the subject?

How did I learn about IPad Applications?  By networking with someone who is ahead of the curve and had acquired three IPads the first month they were launched.  Their passion educated me and immediately made me a convert.

Networking meetings with experts in various verticals are like a free one on one tutorial.  Take advantage of them.

Networking is the key to reinvention. The other option is to hang around with Fred and Barney.

Come hear Hank Blank speak on Networking Your Way to Reinvention at Cafe Net in LA on June 3rd and AASE in the OC on June 10th and at Execunet on June 15th in the OC.  Hank was recently the keynote speaker at the Jacuzzi and Sundance Dealer Conference in Cancun.  Hank has spoken to numerous companies and organizations across the country on networking and loves speaking to companies and organizations. If you need a speaker contact


2 thoughts on “Networking Your Way to Reinvention

  1. Richard Hauer

    Excellent stuff here, Hank.

    FYI, UC Irvine is offering a Search Engine Marketing class this summer through the extension. I have signed up. Class will be taught by co-author of IBM text, “Search Engine Marketing, Inc. Driving Search Traffic to Your Company’s Web Site.” His name is Mike Moran

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