Networking Tip. It’s Time to Take Your Business Cards Out Of Your Wallet


Networking Tip.  It’s Time to take your Business Cards out of  Your Wallet

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in networking is that they don’t hand out their business cards.  They keep them in their wallets like they were $20 bills.  Business cards are designed to put money in your wallet but you need to get them in the hands of people.

The only worst mistake is going to networking events without cards.  Why go?  Do you think people will remember you?

Consider your business cards free direct mail delivered by you for free one person at a time.  The more you hand out the better it is.  If you aren’t handling out 500 cards a year you aren’t connecting with enough people.

I print my cards up 1500 at a time. 

Take you business cards out of your wallet and put them in your hand when you go to a networking event.  That’s right, in your hand.

When I go to a networking event I go with 25 cards in my hand and a pen.  Why? With my pen I write down the personal things that are important to them on their cards.  Vacation places, sports teams, school they went to, kids, wine etc. Whatever comes up in the conversation that isn’t about business. It only takes a word or two.  I know where they work and what they do.  I want to remember what is important to them.  What makes them excited.  What they are interested in.

People return from networking events and put their cards on a desk etc.  With each passing day the clarity about that card and the individual fades.  Was that Mary or Martha?  Was that Bob or John?

When I return from a networking event and follow up with the people I follow up by mentioning the personal things that are important to them. I have touch point to establish a relationship.

People return with cards.  I return with connections.

Hank Blank speaks to companies and organizations on Networking.  For more information visit or e mail  Hank recently spoke at the Jacuzzi National Dealer Conference. 

Happy Networking.


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