Don’t Let Your Business Cards Weaken Your Personal Brand


One of the biggest networking mistakes that people make in networking is having weak business cards.

I experience this all the time when I am networking or speaking to new networking groups.

This most often applies to people in transition.  To save money people go to the internet to get free cards.

Free cards that make you look like everyone else.  You have lost your distinction.  Your personal identity is gone. You are trying to get a six figure job but your cards don’t look the part.

In job interviews you are going to be saying you are different and uniquely qualified for that position but will have out cards that don’t communicate those qualities.  You have weakened yourself and made yourself homogenous.  There are 15 million people looking for jobs out there.  You have to stand out.

You should pay a professional to design your personal brand identity. It will be worth every penny Affordable designers are very easy to find.

My cards saying Blank on the back and reflect the Hank Blank brand.

They also cause a chuckle and hopefully make me more memorable.

You should have cards designed that make people smile, comment or ask you a question about what you do.  They should intrigue.

Different papers, sizes, and materials all work but you don’t have to go too crazy.

Cards are not resumes and shouldn’t be cluttered.  They should say with you do briefly but in a unique way.

I speak to students often and tell them to get their own business cards.

One did and handed me his card a few weeks later.  This title said Apprentice for Hire.  He got a job a few weeks later.

If you are engaged with twitter put your twitter page on the card like I do. I have twitter @hankblank

Also put your cell number and your address and your website if you have one.

Remember your business cards are one of your most important brand assets.  Treat them that way.

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Happy Networking.


12 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Business Cards Weaken Your Personal Brand

  1. Emilio Pedral

    Great advice Hank, people will often design their business cards thinking of themselves missing to consider their target audience. Like yourself, I wrote about this in my blog. Very relevant topic Hank.

  2. Isn’t if funny how people want to cut corners when it comes to their first impression? Great article, I love to find things like this I can use in my arsenal. When you can explain to some one why they should redesign their “what ever” and get to understand how important that impression is, it pays off in dividends!

    Cheers to you Mr. Blank

  3. When designing business cards, it’s also a good idea to add color to the edge of the card, so people can easily pull it out of a stack.
    Keep the back blank – funny that yours says “blank” on the back. That gives people room to jot down notes about when and where they met you. For that same reason, don’t varnish the back of the card. Happy networking to all!

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