Networking Isn’t About Just Showing Up


Hope you are well.

I speak on networking to companies and organizations across the country.

Recently was the keynote speaker at the Jacuzzi and Sundance Dealer Conference.

I have been networking for a long time. Long before the great recession started and everybody started networking.

I know when a networking meeting is doing to be a dud because the person I am meeting with isn’t prepared. They have no pen, no pad to take notes and follow up. They are basically networking clueless.

I ask them if they have been to my site and they say briefly. That is a euphemism for no.

I immediately know that it is going to be a one way street. The person just wants me to help them.

Networking isn’t about just showing up. You have to be prepared.

Prior to the meeting you should look the person up on Linkedin. You should connect with them.

You should also print out their Linkedin profile and read it prior to your networking meeting.

This will provide an outline for discussion and mutual touch points.

You should think of people you can connect them with. In networking there are meetings with people and meetings with connectors. Connectors come with suggestions of places to go and people to meet. You can easily recognize a connector. They lead your down many roads and take you to new places.

The other mistake that people make in networking is not following up.

If you don’t follow up the meeting is basically a waste because you haven’t established a platform for mutual help and connecting.


11 thoughts on “Networking Isn’t About Just Showing Up

  1. Hi Hank,

    Great points. You sound like a man who has networking down pat – even to the point of sending me your blog. You add real value to social networking and I hope that our paths cross at some point.

    Networking also is a 2-way street. If someone can’t help you, perhaps you can help them. However, if there’s no spark in the exchange of ideas and interests, and no connection, it’s probably best to move on.

    P.S. You must be in another country, it’s still April 2 here-EST.

  2. hankblank

    Thanks for your comment. I am always interested in new places to speak on Networking Your Way to New Business if you have any thoughts in that area. Have spoken to companies and organizations across the country.

  3. Tatiana

    I had the privilege of meeting and interacting with Hank on numerous occasions and I also heard him speak obout networking and I have to confess that I learned something new every time I attended his speeches. Grear value! Thank you, Hank!

  4. Zarine Omran

    True just showing up at a meeting not knowing who you are meeting and what they do would absolutely make no sense, the whole purpose of networking is defeated. but you are right so many people just show up at a meeting to talk about themselves and expect things will just click from there.
    Some homework on the group members definitely helps.
    Thanks for being candid and sharing your thoughts, I sure would like to attend one of your speeches.


  5. Hank, you have great advice. You have inspired me to write a blog of my own on English. Everyone mixes past, present and future tense. Spelling is backwards, not to mention non-use of pronouns, punctuation, etc. It is widley accepted, as not one of us has any time to kill, but it still bothers me. People, please proof’read, thank you! But back to this being about you:) Totally awesome blog, I can’t wait to hear your seminar, I’ll have my pen and paper in hand!

  6. Hank – Great advice to learn and live by; and easy to follow! I see you have published several books that appear to be essential resources in networking. Thank you for the information!

  7. Hank – you and I have met a few times – fortunately for our one-on-one meeting, I had a pen and paper and had even reviewed and printed out your LinkedIn profile beforehand….

    I want to commend you publicly – you did offer more introductions and follow-up than I did, and you followed through with them all. I’m still working on mine (no, really I am). Thank you!


  8. This is great info. Re-posted to my FB page. I’m trying to get my clients into the habit of making sure that they have networking at the top of their person to person marketing plan. Thanks as always, for great reading.

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