Tips on How to Build a Powerful Network


Some tips on how to build a powerful network.

These can help you find your next position or generate new business for you and your business.

My first tip is don’t sit down. Sitting down is a kiss of death in networking. Many people arrive at a networking event and immediately sit down most often with people they already know. That isn’t networking, it’s socializing and you won’t meet anyone new. Networking is about meeting new connectors. Connectors are people who readily offer you suggestions on what networking events you should attend and suggest people you should meet.

Don’t immediately tell people you are looking for your next position. It makes you invisible. There are millions of people looking for their next job. If you start your conversation by saying, I’m looking for my next career opportunity and here are my target companies, it is like white noise now and you won’t be remembered because people have heard it so often. Networking events are full of people looking for a job. Establish your personality and your uniqueness first so people will remember you and your persona. You can pitch the career part once you connect.

Don’t hide behind your computer staying at home all day working on social networking. Face time not Facebook leads to relationships and opportunities. Social networks are great at creating your personal brand but personal networking is even more important.

Don’t use free business cards from the internet. You are trying to get that next six figure job and you are out there telling people you are uniquely qualified so why use a business card that homogenizes your identity?

Make yourself your client. Create a strong personal brand for yourself. Even if you get a new job how long will it last in this new employment world? On the other hand, your personal brand is forever. Register your own domain using your own name. Establish a strong presence on social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter using your own name to help optimize your SEO when people Google your name. Today you must own every posting on Goggle’s first page.

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5 thoughts on “Tips on How to Build a Powerful Network

  1. Kay B. Meyer

    Thank you, Hank. I will be presenting “Networking for Newbies” to my colleagues (SLPs, drama and singing coaches, ENTs, lovers of voice) in Chicago. I will be sure to refer them to your sites, and credit you when I tell them “Don’t sit down.”
    (I find that clients and audiences listen better to my wisdom when I don’t sound so bossy as I give them my advice… I can say “Leading Expert Hank Blank agrees….” You will make me look smart 🙂

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