Benefits of Networking


I’m going to be talking about a few benefits from networking.

There are a number of them.

Financial currency. Networking makes you smarter. Networking saves you time and makes you more productive. Networking provides you with social currency and networking is career insurance.

Financial currency.

Why network?

Networking leads to a revenue stream. Call it financial currency. Most people understand that.

Your network equates to your net worth. I know that because as a consultant I create a job for myself each and every day through my network and by expanding it constantly.

The opposite of networking is not working.

Most people know the expression of it’s not what you know it’s who you know.

I don’t like it very much because it often smacks of nepotism but it has some truth.

However effective networking is a game of singles and not grand slams and most people are too impatient. They want the quick fix. People are two impatient and it doesn’t work that way.

You have to plant the seeds and the bounty will follow.

It takes time to build an effective network and earn the trust of your contacts.

The best approach to effective networking is a philosophy of following the premise that you get more from your network by asking for less and doing more for others.

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