Just released my New CD called “Networking Your Way to New Business.”




Networking Expert offers tips on how to develop a relationship based New Business program


Laguna Niguel, CA, June 23rd, 2009- Hank Blank is an agency New Business development consultant helping advertising, public relations and interactive agencies effectively win more new business.  Hank has a unique perspective on the New Business process because he also serves as an agency review consultant and has completed searches for companies such as Jenny Craig and Villeroy & Boch.


Networking is Hank’s primary New Business tool.  “I’ve been using networking as my method of expanding my business for years and now have put my learning and speaking material into a new 72 minute audio CD called “Networking Your Way to New Business,” said Blank.


Hank has spoken on “Networking Your Way to New Business” to companies such as Volvo, Sole Technology, and countless organizations and associations across the country.


“Networking is a very powerful tool. Seventy five percent of all business deals come from networking.  The phenomenal growth of social networking sites such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter attests to the power of networking, yet most people have no clue on how to effectively network.  They miss the opportunity to capture the power of networking,” said Blank.


“Social networks are great tools but they are all contact and low touch.  You have to supplement them with an effective personal networking plan to achieve new business success,” said Blank.


Many agencies prefer to send boxes to strangers saying they would be perfect for them rather than developing a relationship based New Business Development program.  Too many people act like “Mr. or Ms. Martini Person” when networking. They too quickly asking for the order thus alienating themselves immediately.
“As an agency owner in a highly competitive market I have found great value in Hank Blank’s approach to Networking Your Way to New Business.  I would recommend it as a guidebook and success formula for ongoing agency survival and success for any agency size from small to large,” said Eric Morley, Principal, Blue C Advertising in Newport Beach, CA.


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