How A Little Christmas Networking Cheer Can Lead to a Happy and Successful New Year




How a Little Christmas Networking Cheer Can Lead to a Happy and Successful New Year


Hank Blank runs a marketing services company providing advertising, public relations, interactive, brand development, agency new business development, agency reviews, and recruiting services for clients.


Hank is well known as a networking expert and uses the power of networking as his primary new business development tool.   Over 75% of all business comes from referrals or recommendations from one’s network.  Hank’s networking tips are available on audio CD on his site at . Hank’s tips can help sharpen your networking skills during the holiday period.


A few years ago, the local PRSA chapter reached out to him to speak on his approach to Networking.  That presentation blossomed into a variety of networking presentations including Networking Your Way to New Business.


Hank believes that many business people stop their networking activities during the holidays. Hank believes the holidays are an ideal time to network especially in these trying economic times. 


Hank believes that the holidays are a great way to jump start creating an effective networking plan for 2009.  Believe it or not, companies that have open job searches going like to close them out and start the New Year with a full team.


“There are more events during the holidays and it is easy to fill up your calendar with a variety of different networking opportunities,” said Blank.  “More people come out and more senior decision makers come out. The events are also entirely social events versus educational so they are all about networking. Also during the holidays, networking events often involve a charity so they are a great time to build your social currency.”


A majority of holiday events will also involve a significant other. “You may be a lousy networker but your significant other may be great at it so there are more touch points for you to develop upon,” said Blank. “People are more social, more receptive and more gregarious. This is a great time to form personal relationships because you have an opportunity to connect on what is important to them and not just business.”


“Hank advises that holiday time is not the time to pitch you and your services to total strangers. This isn’t the time to sell. This isn’t the time to tell them that your firm would be perfect for them. This isn’t the time to hand out resumes.  However, you should have 25 business cards in your hand and a pen to take down notes about what is personally important to the people you meet.  Then you can look at those cards now and in a year and the personal notes will help you remember with clarity who they were. Follow up promptly with an e-mail within 48 hours of the event to connect.


Most people are on an e-mail leash even during the holidays and are constantly checking their e- mails even when on vacation.  Senior people do check their e mails during the holiday times and have less e mails in their in box so there is a good chance they will notice yours and respond.


Overall, be aggressive about networking this holiday season and you will have a successful 2009,” said Blank.


About Hank Blank Inc


Hank Blank inspires Marketing solutions.  For savvy Marketers attempting to increase their Marketing ROI, Hank Blank is the Problem Solver that improves clients’ profitability because of his rich experience and vast networking connections.


For more information and to purchase his networking CD please visit or e-mail  It makes a terrific stocking stuffer.


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