Agency Review Consultant, Hank Blank, Speaks on Why Agencies Don’t Want New Business




Hank Blank Speaks on “Why Agencies Don’t Want New Business.”


Laguna Niguel, CA, November 20th, 2008- Advertising Agency Search Consultant, Hank Blank, recently presented two presentations on Advertising Agency New Business practices to the AAF 4th District Conference His presentations, ‘Why Agencies Don’t Want New Business” and “Networking your Way to New Business” were presented to attendees from more than 20 Florida based agencies. The AAF 4th District chapter currently has over 2000 members.


In his presentation on “Why Agencies Don’t Want New Business”, a facetious reference to the new business process, Blank outlines the common mistakes that Advertising Agencies make when trying to land new business. “Networking your Way to New Business” focuses on the commonly overlooked do’s and don’ts of networking and the key role networking has in leveraging new business opportunities.


“I recently had the honor of attending several of Hank’s presentations when he spoke at the American Advertising Federation-4th District quarterly conference, in Ocala Florida.  As Treasurer of the organization, I can say that Hank’s insights were informative and educational, and any similar group should JUMP at the chance to have Hank speak,” said Nairn B. Gillet.


Caron Partridge, Program Chair of the AAF 4th District, spoke highly of Blank’s presentations, stating that, “both of Hank’s new business presentations were excellent and entertaining with real world practical demonstrations of the process.  All of our attendees really enjoyed them and I would recommend Hank Blank highly.”


More positive accolades came from Jackie Barker, Governor AAF Fourth District, stating, “I really enjoyed both of Hank’s presentations at the Conference.  It gave me many ideas that I plan to implement in the future.”


Hank Blank is an agency search consultant based in Laguna Niguel CA., Hank has more than 25 years of experience in the advertising industry, specializes in identifying advertising, public relations and interactive agencies for clients. He conducted the Jenny Craig advertising agency selection process and, most recently, the review for Villeroy & Boch USA Bath and Wellness Division.


Hank has also spoken to the Brand Establishment advertising agency network on New Business Development, and the MAGNET Global Network



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