Why Should We Network?


I love to network.  I do it all the time.  I have spoken to companies, schools and organizations across the country for years.

I guess that is why I am connected with thousands of people on LinkedIn.  It surprises people but doesn’t surprise me as I was the guy waking up at 4.30 to take the 6.45 flight to Albuquerque, Omaha, Baton Rouge, Albany, and Jackson Mississippi from John Wayne Airport.

Establishing a broad network takes lots of personal investment. Some people want others to do their work for them. Continue reading

Networking Tip for 2014. Don’t Act Your Age.


When we were young some of us heard the reprimand “You don’t act your age.”  Probably more boys heard it than girls. It would float out in the air in classrooms, malls, restaurants, perfect vacation hotels.  You get the picture. You just need to have an ear that hears things.

I always thought it was a compliment in a strange way. I was always pretty happy that I saw life that way.  Why would any young kid want to be an adult? Continue reading

Networking Tip for 2014. Build Your Own Community.


Oh no. Not another networking article from Hank Blank.  Oh I know by now most people have read lots of networking articles.  Many were read with great interest by those in transition during the Great Recession. When those people landed they read less and networked even less unless things changed on them. Corporate change moves faster than technology some times.  Then they become networking believers again.

I think that some people have encountered networking fatigue because many are doing the same things over and over again. Going to the same events, talking to the same people.  That type of activity is no longer networking.  It’s socializing and it doesn’t build a community you can mine. Continue reading

Don’t Interview. Tell Stories.


I had a coffee the other day with a new arrival to the New Normal.  He was well educated and had a successful career in the Old Normal.  We had never met before but had gone to the same University in Canada. The University of Western Ontario.  Fancy that since we were in Southern CA.

I have lived in the New Normal for a long time.  I remember the .com bust from 10 years ago but that is a distance memory today for some today when a 23 year old Founder of Snapchat turns down 3 Billion from Facebook whose Founder is 29 and the highest paid CEO in the country. Continue reading